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Please update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information. If you have this letter in your name, then you are a big dreamer with overflowing passion for life. However, unless you are able to build a fulfilling relationship you tend to be quite withdrawn. Awards and nominations[ edit ]. On the other hand, you sometimes worry too much about your surroundings.


They are extremely intelligent and clever people, who always have the right answer at the right time. Hard workers who get excitement from self development. Your sweet and friendly personality works like a magnet in social situations, everybody is simply drawn in. Allowing a constant stream of harmony to flow into their life. When it comes to relationships then you desire somebody who is able to take the same step as you in both physical and intellectual issues. You tend to devote big amounts of time, effort and money into building relationships. Physicality is especially important for you. Even in relationships they want to be the dominant one. The best of friends one can wish for. The album's third single, " Maps ," received significant airplay on alternative radio. There is a constant need to demonstrate that they are the best in everything they do. Examples of that would be encouragement and positive emotions. You are a highly intelligent person who can find and solve your own problems. With the A what you see is what you get. Karen O told online zine Drowned in Sound , " Show Your Bones is what happens when you put your finger in a light socket," crediting "9-year old antigenius wonder-kid Drake Barrett for the insight. Awards and nominations[ edit ]. Find Your Own Name. It was released on April 16 of the same year. Wichita Recordings distributed the group's EP in the U. Those who carry this name posses originality, strength and a spirit of entrepreneurship. Always demanding excellent results from those who surround them. Their life is full of extremes emotions, work, relationships. The band wrote a slew of songs at their first rehearsal and soon wound up supporting The Strokes and The White Stripes , earning a significant buzz for their arty and garage punk scene. People are usually drawn to you because of a mix of your real self and confidence. One could call you a hopeless romantic in regards to love, however regardless of the situation you will most likely have both feet on the ground. However, unless you are able to build a fulfilling relationship you tend to be quite withdrawn. Inner conflicts can only decrease once one is aware of them.


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