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City and California State basketball titles. List of safety equipment to bring with you e. Cougar tracks are large padded prints with no claws showing. Check on the status and condition of livestock regularly in order to ensure that predator problems are identified quickly. Stay calm and stand your ground. If you encounter a cougar, keep calm. Call the Conservation Officer Service reporting line to report the incident. Consider getting a dog or using a dog as an early warning system.

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Maintain direct eye contact. Allen was replaced in the summer of by Dr. Cougars have large home ranges and males have been recorded traveling over 50 kilometers in one day. Be cautious at dusk and dawn. There are currently no known odour or taste repellents that are effective on cougars. Anders played sparingly in both games and is best remembered showing up to the tournament wearing a tuxedo with a pink bow tie, pink cummerbund, and sunglasses. Back out of the area and seek assistance or shelter. While deer may be pleasant to watch, they can attract large predators into residential neighbourhoods. In the unlikely event you encounter cougar kittens they are usually well-hidden by their mother , do not attempt to handle or approach them. Deer-proof your garden and yard with nets, lights, fencing. Put small domestic livestock in an enclosed area at night. Running triggers a chase response in cougars, which could lead to an attack. Feed pets indoors, or if fed outdoors, bring in any uneaten food as the smell of pet food may attract cougars in addition to the pets potential prey themselves. Livestock feed attracts rodents and other animals, which in turn can attract cougars. By attracting other wildlife, you may attract a cougar. Keep children close to you. Be especially alert at dawn and dusk when cougars are most active. If there have been cougar sightings, escort children to the bus stop early in the morning. A dog can see, smell and hear a cougar sooner than a human but be aware that off-leash dogs can attract and bring cougars and bears back to you. If you keep chickens or small livestock use a properly installed and maintained electric fence. Teach them about wildlife. Steer clear of baby wildlife. The following are outlined by the Conservation Officer Service: Crenshaw has 6 State titles in football: If You Encounter a Cougar Cougars often will retreat if given the opportunity.

Www cougers com

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Keep your pets indoors, especially at night. Keep children close to you.

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