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We have left with faith-shaking contradictions, as two entire years of dead silence are imaginatively inserted into the Gospel record. But they are a wake-up call to the servants of the Messiah. Invasion of privacy, 4. Michael Rood's accusing Jamie of not having an accounting system and not providing receipts when it is Michael who has not filed expense reports" 2. This is Bible Prophecy The Board rightly points out that "The IRS can interpret this as Michael profiting improperly from a tax-exempt organization" 2. The Board noted that it asked both Rood and Louis to keep silent on the matter until they finished their report.

Www aroodawakening tv

Like a true cult leader, Rood claims "I was given a vision and clear word from Heaven" that ARAM would be shaken and "the cleanup of our ministry" would occur. He is also the A Rood Awakening! Michael Rood strips away 2, years of fossilized traditions to reveal profound truths in the Gospels which have eluded Western Christianity for millennia. Scott and Anny discuss new programming and this month's love gift. Two factions ruled Israel - Pharisees and Sadducees. Unlike Rood, Louis at least mentions Yahshua Jesus periodically, though the message of grace is distinctly lacking. Most transition problems occurred because Rood made "unfounded charges," was "acting unilaterally," abandoned negotiations, failed to follow through on preliminary agreements, and absconded with materials and property ARAM owned 3. You will learn that and much more here with Michael Rood. Michael illuminates the Bible from cover to cover through his live teachings and video presentations. Rood appointed two of the arbiters and initially agreed to assist them, but in fact did not cooperate with the Arbitration Board and never informed his followers that it existed. Stan Johnson, who runs the Prophecy Club and is a long time colleague of Rood, initially wrote a letter siding with Rood against Louis. Find us on Facebook: Yahshua, not Torah, frees those captive to the Law and is a new covenant and light to the nations Isaiah Related Links and Further Study: Without expense reports, Rood could easily have used large amounts of money for himself rather than for the ministry. Rood claims to have filed a lawsuit in federal courts accusing Jamie Louis of illegal actions including: By returning checks to donors, he was denying ARAM money intended for them. Are you wondering why it is important to start a fellowship in your community? He did not identify any court or filing date. Is baptism required for salvation? But the only reason they were incomplete is because Rood refused to provide expense reports. We believe that more open communication is its own reward. You will never be the same after you experience the plan of the Almighty in bringing His salvation to the world! In the dimming twilight, Michael Rood, along with archaeologist Dr. Prepare for a Rood Awakening!

Www aroodawakening tv

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The Ugly Truth of Islam - Shabbat Night Live - 5/11/18

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Denis Otero, and Biblical language expert Nehemia Gordon take you to the summit where the Ten Commandments, written in Paleo-Hebrew, have mystified western scholars since their discovery. Although he offered to send a copy to anyone who requested it, at this writing he has not yet answered our request for one.

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