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Let us, then, be up and doing, With a heart for any fate; Still achieving, still pursuing, Learn to labor and to wait. He initially refused the honour, saying that he was too old, but accepted when the Prime Minister, Robert Peel , assured him that "you shall have nothing required of you". He realizes that duty, though stern, is also graceful and divinely beautiful and hence he is willing to serve it more strictly. During this period he also formed his early political opinions—especially his hatred of tyranny. William attended the grammar school near Cockermouth Church and Ann Birkett's school at Penrith, the home of his maternal grandparents. Wordsworth was taught both the Bible and the Spectator , but little else. It would seem not on the surface.

William wordsworth best known poems

Meaning of the Poem In this nine-stanza poem, the first six stanzas are rather vague since each stanza seems to begin a new thought. The image of a dictator-like king whose kingdom is no more creates a palpable irony. Though it failed to arouse much interest at that time, it has since come to be widely recognised as his masterpiece. William attended the grammar school near Cockermouth Church and Ann Birkett's school at Penrith, the home of his maternal grandparents. Following the death of his friend the painter William Green in , Wordsworth also mended his relations with Coleridge. Equality, without which liberty cannot exist, is to be met with in perfection in that state in which no distinctions are admitted but such as have evidently for their object the general good. Instead, the emphasis here is on a feeling rather than a rational train of thought. Richard, the eldest, who became a lawyer; John, born after Dorothy, who went to sea and died in when the ship of which he was captain, the Earl of Abergavenny , was wrecked off the south coast of England; and Christopher , the youngest, who entered the Church and rose to be Master of Trinity College, Cambridge. This celestial monarch, his ministers and troops, and his kingdom itself are invisible to human eyes anyway, so already Milton has subtly undone much of his failing by subverting the necessity for human vision. In he became the UK Poet Laureate, and wrote barely a word more. During his last summer as an undergraduate, he and his college friend Robert Jones—much influenced by William Coxe's Sketches of the Natural, Civil, and Political State of Swisserland —decided to make a tour of the Alps, departing from Dover on 13 July In , the Scottish poet and playwright Joanna Baillie reflected on her long acquaintance with Wordsworth. The intense lifelong friendship between Dorothy and William Wordsworth probably began when they, along with Mary Hutchinson, attended school at Penrith. The Wordsworth children seem to have lived in a sort of rural paradise along the Derwent River, which ran past the terraced garden below the ample house whose tenancy John Wordsworth had obtained from his employer before his marriage to Ann Cookson. In the Autumn of , Wordsworth and his sister returned to England and visited the Hutchinson family at Sockburn. Wordsworth was intoxicated by the combination of revolutionary fervor he found in France—he and Jones arrived on the first anniversary of the storming of the Bastille—and by the impressive natural beauty of the countryside and mountains. Any common reader can easily get this poem, as easily as her or she might enjoy a walk around a lake. Thomas De Quincy took over Dove Cottage. William was also allowed to use his father's library. Mary was anxious that Wordsworth should do more for Caroline. With financial prospects, Wordsworth married Mary Hutchinson on 2 October Financial problems and Britain 's tense relations with France forced him to return to England alone the following year. In late Lord Lonsdale proposed that he provide one hundred pounds a year for the support of Wordsworth and his family until a salaried position became available. Wordsworth is not, of course, remembered as a prose writer but as a poet of spiritual and epistemological speculation, a poet concerned with the human relationship to nature. The rebuff was not received lightly by Wordsworth and the play was not published until , after substantial revision. Wordsworth was at first somewhat reluctant to accept the patronage, but he accepted, and on 8 January he wrote to acknowledge receipt of payment.

William wordsworth best known poems

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The Solitary Reaper by William Wordsworth - Poetry Reading

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Married Edward Quillinan in If this excerpt whets your appetite for the whole poem, you can read that here.

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