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Can you write the exam? How many did you take? Can you lift the box? Haan main tuhaanu pyaar karda haan Can you give me your pen? Present Tasked with ongoing project to model landslide Contract susceptibility maps of the Western Cape province in South Africa and also part of a team that develops the atlas of geohazard on a national scale, using Remote sensing and GIS. What you had been told? You can replace what I've written with any of these.


How did you come? Why do you drive the car? What can I do? How much distance to go? The course was given by Prof Neil Phillips who has extensive experience in gold exploration and mining. I am fine Main theek haan. What are the questions? Ki tussi apna khana le leya hai? Kal da safar kiddan da si? Tuhanu ki karna chaida hai? However punjabi speakers usually would want to say respectful forms at times, that's how the culture is, so it's ok if sometimes you use the politel forms even when talking to a loved one. Why did he bring the bag? It is a book Eh kittab hai. Which Indian state has the largest population? Preparing samples for geochronological Part-time work and geochemical studies. Why did you come? Mainu kitthe jana chaida hai? Where did you come from? Ki tussi mainu pen dewoge? Tussi kehri kahani sunai? Tussi kis kamre which sutte si? Oh bag jhola kyon lai ke ayaa? Ki tussi mainu appna pen dewoge? Which way did you come? Kar lay jo karna aye!


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22.09.2018 at 10:12 pm

Kehre bharti raj di jansankhya sabh ton jyyaada hai? Oh mulaqat lai late kyon hann?

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