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We also had to be harder in the battles and in ball position therefore we had to act faster on the ball. In the remaining 25 minutes of the game the Lions kept on dominating, creating many changes and putting all their energy into the game. The match became a real game again, but there was not much time left for team white. Making 17 goals so far and conceding 7, nice balance by the young Lions! In the First half, our players were eager to score a goal. We were unlucky with a few good shots from Ryan and Colin.

Tufc houston

Also a beautiful flying header from Colin out a corner was saved from the line by a defender of ISA. TUFC was waiting for us to make the mistake and they tried to score by kicking the ball forward. After halftime The Lions were eager to win this game. Everyone was pressuring on the half of the opponent and we battled harder. The Lions gave to much space to the opponent and ISA used that space very well. In the end of the first half, the Lions were better than Conroe but they did not find the chance to put their goal keeper under pressure. We worked hard and we did a good job in ball possession. In the second half, the Lions played much better than in the last part of the first half. The Lions started out good and created the first two chances with Kendall and Joseph. Despite the second half, the Lions still deserved the win. Austin Crafts came through on the left flank and scored the ball into the right corner. The Lions were playing against the time but kept on fighting until the last whistle. Team White got a few chances in a row, but did not score. Next time, if we finish our chances we will win the game! That resulted into two goals for the Lions by Joseph penalty and Maddox Despite the setback, team white kept going on attacking. Step by step we improve and we will give everything next week! Dayton Hyde runs with the ball towards the goal and scored in the lower corner. After those few chances Jacob knew finally how to bypass goalkeeper Vladyslav with a great solo, orange. And so we did! Team White got a big chance but was not able to pass the goalkeeper. This went very well at some moments. We created a lot of chances with some good soccer. We played for the whole 45 minutes on their side of the field. However, suddenly Conroe scored the After a few missed chances for the Lions, Declan made a great solo en scored finally the

Tufc houston

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Red Dragon vs. Houston Lions U14 Highlights 10.18.14

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In the First half, our players were eager to score a goal. The Lions tried to come back into the game by working hard together.

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