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I thought the networking code was pretty much finalized and worked on menus for a few weeks. Looking back, is there anything that could have been done to shorten that time if it was necessary? Don't refactor your entire system the night before a milestone! This was the 3rd game for all of us. It feels great to receive recognition for all the hard work. Yeah, everything had to be really optimized since we knew physics was going to be the hog. My pointers are smarter than your pointers!


Toblo has already received honors as a award-winning student showcase entry as well. I love the large team environment, so I enjoy the studio environment more. It feels great to receive recognition for all the hard work. That's why it's angels versus demons. On the physics engine - was it modeled after anything or did you guys really go from scratch? It took us a full year to make Toblo, from concept to gold! Interview conducted by Drew Sikora. I worked on the networking and menus for Toblo. But we were mostly trying to model after the real world, hehe. Was the idea for using physics part of the game from the start or did that come about when you decided to start blowing things up? There is a paper called "Non-convex Rigid Bodies with Stacking" that came out a few years ago that helped stabilize the system. We're looking forward to graduation in April. But eventually we saw that people loved destroying the towers a lot more than building 'em, so we went that way. Implementing gameplay earlier would have probably cut down on the time, but we weren't too disappointed with the development length at all since it ended up making the game better. I'm Ben Smith and I programmed the graphics for Toblo. We coded the game using Visual Studio Yep, I am done with DigiPen. What are you up to now? Well, every year at DigiPen we have to design a new game. If you think you are done with a feature, go back frequently and check to make sure it isn't broken. The option was presented to us, but we thought we'd take more away from the experience if we learned how things worked ourselves. Where there any other design iterations besides learning that blowing things up was more fun than building them? I hear the parties are bootylicious! One thing that helped a lot were the Boost. I was also the team's Producer.


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RINDU TOBELO - Sysilia. P. Ridua ( MCP Sysilia ) RML . Lagu Maluku Utara.

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We were always going to use physics, but we didn't expect it to be such an integral part of the gameplay from the beginning. I will definitely be trying my hand at smaller scale independent development in the near future.

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