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It's not anything cynical. You can then use that number to find yourself and your friends in the gallery, surrounded by people from all around the world. He's got a great sense of humour so we were laughing by the end of it. Will you stay on Facebook after this is finished? On the project website, you refer to Facebook "friends" — in quotation marks. She hopes to photograph all of the Facebook friends she had when she began the process she has more now.


What is that look? Sign up for more newsletters here The Facebook aspect introduces a potent, hard-to-resist conceptual frame to her work. She was working on a personal project… coding an interactive site that shows the more than 1. The site also has a built in function that lets you connect with it via Facebook so you can find out which FACE you are. Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram - social networking is the best marketing tool for artists in this economy. You can then use that number to find yourself and your friends in the gallery, surrounded by people from all around the world. You've also reached out to your exes. Every child has their own personality: Updated April 30, "Am I really friends with all these people? At the same time, I was instant messaging on Facebook with a friend in Indonesia who I had spent many a New Year's with. The idea was that at the end, I would have everybody do a profile picture change so that I could scroll down my whole list of friends and it would be like an online exhibition. The Globe's top picks for what to see and do each weekend, in Boston and beyond. The people I'd never met before have been incredibly generous and kind, which was totally surprising. Several showed off how they are managing. Hollander had been photographing close friends for years, and she found the response to the work was mixed. They can photograph the results with an iPad and send them to Hollander, send comments to her on the iPad, or leave a sticky note. Has the project changed the way you behave on Facebook? As the project continues I learn new things and it goes in a different direction. I didn't expect that from people I didn't know. Story continues below advertisement Have you gotten any outright no's? They have to sit really still because I'm only using available light, not strobes or a flash. It's a mixed bag. Are they friends or not? She spoke with The Globe and Mail from Maine just before departing on another leg of the project. I started scrolling through my list of friends and realized they were all over the world, in very different parts of their lives and from diverse backgrounds, in terms of how I knew them: Story continues below advertisement "Are you really my friend? You're asking all the friends you've photographed to change their profile pictures to the portraits you've made of them.


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Are these the family members who don't know you, or aren't on Facebook? Even if life is difficult some times, there is always a way for us to be what we want to be:

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