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This is precisely why this willingness to equate outward appearances with deep personal truth is what gets the Taurus man in all sorts of trouble. Ananya - 4-Jul 6: Also, there are many different aspects of a person that what you see outside might just be a reflection of one particular aspect. They look at appearances as shorthand for true substance. Sweet T - Sep 8: Love blindfolds them and they become generous to all the flaws of the relationship.

Taurus male personality traits

Now I see why I end up with conversations with total strangers,any age, All Genders. I've never been superstitious but after reading this article I have to admit I know this person, it's me. They just focus on dollars and cents. If you add the numbers that you see below, those with a double-numeral birth date are further added to result in a single digit, namely, the 'life number'. Granty - Apr 3: Those who fall under this number are humanitarians who want to change the world from its dire state, to one where there is peace and harmony. Life number 7s are sometimes egocentric since they believe that everything is about them. A Taurus guy will also not tolerate outsiders interfering in his house, be it your mother or anyone else. He treated numerals as the basis of something more than just mere digits, where others took his beliefs one step further by coming out with written works such as, The Romance in Your Name by Dr. I'm also not impatient and frank. Don't worry; he won't be criticizing you all the time. Numerology as previously mentioned can have more than one way of interpreting the personality traits of people and predictions as part of the life number. Overall, he will want to be with someone whom he can have a loving relationship as well as raise a family with. I'm a little nosy but I think of it as helping. Those who fall under this number are spiritual, humorous, knowledgeable, and charming. In case you just did that, remain with him and try to calm him. Just Sayin' - Nov 5: The barter system is an ancient exchange method that people relied on, to acquire what one needed to survive, where money is now the sole trading source. Number 4s like taking charge in a team and are able to perform without letting the responsibilities of other coworkers get in the way. Hehits really funny I like someone for a while and stop liking them after my friend starts liking them or they just seem different. You cannot see the character of a person. Due to good memory, Taurus man often has a have a reputation for vindictive person, because he will never forget those of who once deceived or betrayed him. They have dreams of a better world but often are too enslaved to the way things currently are. They are often impatient. I always make sure to give the respect back. Don't ever push him or accuse him of being lazy when he is walking at his own leisurely pace. And I am proud to be scorpion and will do things that's best.

Taurus male personality traits

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The Dark-sided Taurus Male: Horny, Raging Bulls

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Their positive attitude brings people closer to them, where being in the limelight is something they love.

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