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For the moment, only 'brigands' of Lord Wyl have done some raids in lands belonging to the Marcher lords. So few dragons survived the Dance that the Dragonpit was never rebuilt. In the halls of Pyke, Harlaw, Great Wyk and all the other major islands, songs rise to recount the exploits of the fearless captains who have cut their way through the greenlanders. Six times Syrax obeyed, plunging entire blocks of the city in a sea of fire. Trade is flourishing with Essos, and Dornish-owned ships have been extremely demanded to avoid some unpleasantness on the seas. The Lads, the main Riverlands army has now reformed again at Harrenhal, forcing the last Green loyalists of the area to submit and killing the pregnant mistress of Prince Aemond, the sorceress Alys Rivers. He is also completely illiterate, and a muscled brute who is only said to find pleasure in the battlefield.


Has slowly started to support negotiations between the Blacks and the Greens, as the damage of the war is becoming painfully evident and the opposing armies are too evenly matched. Tall, broad and black-haired, Lord Borros is a very belligerent man. Widow of Lord Forrest Frey, Lady Sabitha has gained an infamous reputation of sleeping with numerous women and decapitating any Green commander who meets her path. The fact that spaceships prowled and fought, fifty light-years beyond Antares, made it all the more impossible a gaucherie to refuse an invitation from the Mersian representative. The massive Hightower army was down to barely one third of its numbers after the black Riverlands forces retreated from the battlefield, but urged by prince Daeron they persevered and made their junction with Lord Borros Baratheon forces. His son Rickon is a promising fighter, and could marry the Queen or her Heiress With the lands of the Westerlands in open rebellion, there is currently no Lord Paramount of this region as of this moment. But the Dornish stayed at home and the pirates were ultimately vanquished. The Blacks have awarded here the nicknames of "Young Dragoness" and "Intrepid" for this action. Desires war, if only to boost the gains he has already received. Balerion destroyed the castle all by himself, as the other two dragons were away fighting other campaigns. The Greens have still control of the Royal treasury, but with Westeros aflame from Oldtown to the Twins, food become increasingly scarce and even the Free Cities refuse to tread in Westerosi waters where the Blacks and Greens clash, thus all the gold is progressively becoming irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. Lord of the Reach: The senior commander of the Blacks in the Reach, has regrouped to his lands of Goldengrove to train and reequip new forces before marching south again to defy the Hightowers. A lethal dance of pale green and gold, of flames and roars. As King Aegon made a remarked entry on his bonded golden dragon, Lady Baela Targaryen and Moondancer had appeared over Dragonstone and attacked. King Aegon II Targaryen was unable to jump from his falling dragon in time and got crushed by his agonizing mount. It was a slaughter to make the veterans of the civil war pale. Former pirates once having sworn their allegiance to Prince Daemon Targaryen made several attempts to capture Tarth, forcing thousands of men-at-arms to defend the Sapphire Isle. House Hightower has imposed higher and higher taxes, the hostages they take have a frequent tendency to end dead, though the Blacks are always blamed for their demise. Balerion's last rider was Jaehaerys I's grandson and later successor , Viserys I, who did not bond with a new dragon after Balerion died. Moreover, his Small Council is deeply divided between opening negotiations with the Blacks or keep fighting until there's only one side left standing. A sweet and simple girl. King's Landing is calm for the moment, but with the food situation particularly problematic, there is no way to know how long it will last. The wealth and the influence made many jealous and angry lords, including House Rowan, Tarly, Beesbury, Footly and Grimm. The golden dragon and his royal cavalier should have crushed the young dragon and its equally young partner.


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The Targaryens moved to Dragonstone with Balerion about a century before the Targaryen Conquest of Westeros, and Balerion is stated to have died almost a century after that, late in the reign of King Jaehaerys I Targaryen. The Small Council Hand of the King:

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