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I chose to ride east, heading straight towards the namesake bridge. In Farmville, there is an actual restroom with soap and water and a water fountain. In all the times we have walked it, foot traffic has been very light, but people do seem to love to ride horses along the trail on weekends and it's often a game of dodge once a group has passed you, to avoid the piles they leave behind. He was a loving and devoted husband, father, baseball coach, talented piano and guitar musician, and a longtime choir member at First Baptist Church of Elon, First Baptist Church of Raytown and Covenant Baptist […] June 27, — April 27, Service: Thanks for waiting so long. There are bathrooms every 2. Poor overall trail setup, this trail isn't being designed from end to end but from the bridge as being ground zero. High Bridge Trail December, by swanng This is a great trail ride for the novice or younger cyclist. Survivors include […] May 24, — July 19, Service:

Sulpher springs oh

The trail is a well-maintained fine gravel surface. If those really work. She worked […] February 13, — April 26, Service: June 13, John David Garcia, 62, passed June 6, Judy was born October 7, in Carrollton, the daughter of Edward A. She married Earle H. There was really nothing to look at except trees on both sides with an occasional glimpse of cows in a field. For well over a year after the […] July 16, — June 6, Service: Great rest room facilities on the trail, too. Combs, on March 15, Finally there was a father riding with his young daughter, out for probably just a brief ride. I'd like to come back someday and bike the parts that I haven't biked. Hidden Treasure, single track April, by bburnside If you didn't know High Bridge SP has 2 loops single track designed for bikes. July 9, Kenneth A. We did not see a single other bike on the trail either day, and only a few walkers. The Early Trail is a 1. The mile markers on the trail are quite nice and clear I've been on other trails where they were confusing and posted not just every mile, but every half-mile. So you can definitely make a whole afternoon of it, if you're of a mind to. My trip actually lasted five hours, what with lots of stops for photo-taking and restroom breaks and such. Pleasant ride but monotonous scenery August, by barkingbeagle This is a great trail for biking, although there is not much in the way of scenery, at least on the parts that my spouse and I rode. November 13, — August 12, Service: Visitation will begin at 5: There was no sign on the door and not located where indicated on the trail map. May 4, ROY T. As some have noted, the horses vastly out number the bikers, and perhaps all other users. I've been to Selma, Montgomery, and Birmingham, and this little museum tops them all!

Sulpher springs oh

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Not much traffic for such a nice trail. I'm not sure how regularly it's cleared, however I rode a mere week after Central Virginia experienced some very heavy rains - and I was pleasantly surprised with the conditions.

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