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Clinical and Forensic Perspectives. However, at this juncture, studies are limited. They display other sociopathic thinking in that they cannot learn from experience, and they don't believe society's rules apply to them. While movie portrayals tend to dramatize the characters and their behaviors, stalking is not an uncommon behavior. Stalkers many times use their intelligence to throw others off their trail. For example, in a controlled study of self-referred stalkers, Lewis et al 13 found that offenders scored significantly higher on borderline personality features. There was no funding for the development and writing of this article. All five studies are from English-speaking Western countries, with three being from the United States. Some stalkers, especially if female, may meet criteria for borderline personality disorder in which rejection is often very difficult to cope with.

Stalking personality

Psychiatric diagnosis and the offender-victim typology of stalking. There are also common personality characteristics of the stalker that are important to understand. Psychiatr Clin North Am. Unfortunately, despite a large amount of data collected on this group, not much of it was analyzed specifically by gender. The Story of Eddie Waitkus. Believe it or not, many stalkers, due to mental health or personality disorders, are impaired and lack the ability to reason and engage appropriately with others. Because of the unusual and intense attachment dynamics in borderline personality disorder, this diagnosis is particularly suggestive among stalkers. More than half of the women threatened their victims, and a quarter were physically violent, with three victims losing their lives to their stalkers. The patient chose not to contact her biological mother for fear that it would distress her adoptive mother. Do you think fear on the part of the stalker? Accessed April 22, Being victimized in the United States by stalking behavior is not uncommon, manifests through a variety of different contact behaviors, and is likely to occur for a number of reasons. Only a rare number of people would consider a stalker fearful and lacking in social skills. In a United States study, Rosenfeld 12 examined court-referred stalking offenders. They have been known to hack into computers, tap telephone lines, take jobs at public utilities that allow them access to the victims or information about the victims, and even to travel thousands of miles and spend thousands of dollars to gain information about or find their victims. Women were more likely to harass their victims via telephone call but less likely to physically pursue them when compared to men. Their intelligence may have allowed them to be more successful in pursuing their victims. A case of Munchausen syndrome by proxy with subsequent stalking behavior. Five studies report prevalence rates of borderline personality disorder among stalkers, with four reporting rates between 4 and 15 percent i. According to the United States Department of Justice, eight percent of women and two percent of men have been victimized at some time in their lives by stalkers. Carbondale and Edwardsville, IL: The stalking of mental health professionals by patients. These disorders in themselves are very stable and not treatable. Reports of substance abuse were not common, but about one-third of women used substances while stalking. Antisocial personality disorder was not diagnosed in any of the women. Another report described a female patient who presented to a family practice group complaining of depression and was prescribed a one-week supply of an antidepressant.

Stalking personality

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