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Bernard's appearance matches that of the shop. The technique works, but it's taking me maybe an hour per iPad, and I'm convinced there has to be a better way to do it. Benson to avoid paying rent. Only three people in the cast, and no recurring characters of note. Bernard tries to invoke this with his summer girlfriend, who he plans to use and then throw away when fall comes around They must think we're idiots. This includes things like eating a strip of old cheese Fran stepped in and the mushrooms that grow in his hair. In a later episode, after Manny moves out, it only gets worse, as the shop gets hopelessly cluttered with books and garbage and a dead badger , and Bernard has to yell directions through it all from the living area. Despite being a filthy, friendless sociopath, Bernard does end up bagging the gorgeous brunette Kate.


Manic Pixie Dream Girl: Grumpy misanthrope Bernard's surname is "Black", while his cheerful assistant Manny's surname is "Bianco", meaning "white" in Italian. I was expecting the glue to be completely dissolved after a couple of minutes contact with it, and that it'd just wipe up with the residue GO after. It's also hinted he's had casual sex with Fran in the past, and was also engaged to be married to "Emma". When Manny works at Goliath Books, his manager makes one: Bernard's deceased landlady left the building to the cat, Mr. Bernard and Manny's backroom is a crumbling pig sty. To the point where Bernard and Manny have to vacate the shop for a few days while the cleaner sorts it out; even sweeping his finger around in the air covered it in dust. Until she leaves, whereupon they start it up again. All three take turns at this role, but none of them can ever make it stick - they end up as the sane one solely by process of elimination. Also played with in Fran's case; she doesn't initially know her long-lost family, but once she meets them it becomes difficult to extricate herself from the familial embrace. They must think we're idiots. Despite being a filthy, friendless sociopath, Bernard does end up bagging the gorgeous brunette Kate. And you need to learn those rules and get serious about them, because it's not a game. So you admit you deliberately stepped in front of the bullet? You see, selling books is a game. Even a child could — Manny: And wantonly sprayed blood from your head wound across the shop? Bernard briefly becomes one while trying to make "super-wine. It then escalates to Fran showing him Emma's dental records, a birth certificate and a picture of Emma wearing an "I Love Life" t-shirt and holding a copy of that day's newspaper. Also Manny, who has no female contact other than Fran for the entire series except for cute blonde Rowena in the very last episode, whom he magically ends up sleeping with. When Bernard opens a kitchen in the book shop, he runs out of ingredients and starts cooking with whatever he can find: All we know is that Manny had to sacrifice a monkey and that Bernard will never let it be spoken of. I dip a cotton swab in the GO and use it to saturate an area on the iPad's metal border, and leave it for 2 minutes. Lampshaded by Bernard, who manages to guess she's made this mistake. Now let's see here


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I dip a cotton swab in the GO and use it to saturate an area on the iPad's metal border, and leave it for 2 minutes. Rinse and repeat - saturate, leave for 2 minutes, wipe up, tissue paper - until all of the residue is gone in that area.

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