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Oranges and Mangoes orchards are famous. There is also a Social welfare health society which is being operated by the Government of Punjab. The ridge descends from Kasur , all the way to Chunian , and then Shergarh in Okara. Okara Cantonment is a beautiful Cantt of Pakistan. Every year on 27th of Harr Desi Month , Mela is celebrated.


In the west of Okara city, the Ravi goes winding along the borders of Faisalabad and Sheikhupura districts. The area of district Okara is the gold mine for history seekers, spiritual and curious travellers. His urs is held in the middle of March, and is attended by thousands from all over Punjab and beyond. After the independence of Pakistan in , the minority Hindus and Sikhs migrated to India while the Muslim refugees from India settled in the Okara district. In the city became the headquarters of the newly created Okara District. Okara has had a railway line since These institutes include Modern science and computer labs, libraries, playgrounds and canteens. There are two railway underpasses and one flyover which helps in smooth flow of traffic. Okara Gymkhana Cricket ground is a First Class Cricket venue of Pakistan Cricket Board as it has an all great cricketing facilities along with world class cricket pitches. Oranges and Mangoes orchards are famous. However, after you cross the ridge east into Depalpur Tehsil , the subsoil water is sweet and good for agriculture. Located in the village of Rehmpur the Rosary Christian Hospital also provides medical services to Okara and surrounding areas. It is very rich in livestock population and production. Babu Rajab Ali the great Kavishari a genre of Punjabi traditional poem writer also belonged to this district. Okara is the top milk producing city of Pakistan. The previously famous farming district is now becoming more of an educational hub for secondary and higher secondary levels. The city is a relatively new agricultural city. There are also many privately owned colleges and schools, which are nationally recognised, well built, big and their standard of education is also high as compared nationally. The word "Okara" for this district was actually originated from word "Okan" a lush green tree with needle like leaves. This bypass connects the Karachi-Lahore-Peshawar national highway which is the economic lifeline of Pakistan. The ridge descends from Kasur , all the way to Chunian , and then Shergarh in Okara. This stadium will develop a strong infrastructure for hockey in the country. This interchange proved very helpful in the smooth flow of national highway traffic, particularly between Lahore and Multan and to reduce the national traffic in the city. There is also a separated Fire station, located in the centre of the city, which has several old and also latest fire engines for safety services. Pakpattan , Sahiwal , Okara, districts, of Punjab.


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During the period of British rule there was a forest of Okaan where the city has been built.

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