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Never touch your clitty! This is either a very simple or very complicated question. Do you want to be a woman full time or a Closet-and-Bedroom-Sissy? Wear only female clothes whenever you are home alone Level 4: Make sure that he knows perfectly how to walk on high-heels. The Goal of this guide is to answer all the basic questions about Sissies, like: Which brings us right to the next question: Wear girly Clothes all day every day!

Sissify your boyfriend

Chapter 9 - Coming out Everything is easier if you have someone to talk to about it, so try to do that as soon as possible. But before you come out think about who to come out to first, what to tell them and prepare for the worst case. At least once a day wear panties Level 1: Make him to paint your nails -hands and feets-, and to makeup you. Atfer a week or so, do the same. Breaking his manhood This phase is crucial and delicate. Always make him to eat his own cum. Spicing up your sex life with an intimate secret that only the two of you share, powerful and intense orgasms - admittedly less frequent, but far more satisfying, an enhanced, invigorated intimacy that leaves him constantly charged with sexual energy rather than feeling drained and weak… Essentially, tell him that chastity makes sex better. Chapter 8 - Who will ever love me? So I came up with some rules according to what I considered a perfect Sissy: Make her repeat it: What is a Sissy? So do you want to try sex with men? Chapter 3 - How do I become a Sissy? Do you want to feel feminine just for sexual reasons or identify yourself as feminine in general? Shave your upper arm and thighs, grow and style your nails, paint your toenails with any color, use skin care products with a slight color. With the direction I mean the different aspects of being a Sissy. Keep your whole appearance feminine all the time and care for your body daily like a real woman. But after a while I realized that those fetishes would never really get me to where I wanted to go. They can be straight, gay, bi, lesbian, pansexual or even asexual if you are not looking for sex. They could not accept your new you at first and want to talk you out of it. Make sure that he knows perfectly how to walk on high-heels. A simplified version would probably be: Eating my cummies was a great way to get addicted to cum - which I now am - but it meant that I came regularly and that was not going to help me become impotent. E Final considerations There are infinite ways to punish or reward your sissy. Find out in what direction you want to go, how far you want to go and whether you want to stay there permanently or want to go back and forth.

Sissify your boyfriend

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You only get to cum once a day. The simple answer would be:

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