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Whenever you hear an Andrew Carver reference, take a drink. By this I mean, I love it at the time and hate myself the next day for drinking. Remember, this is a movie about topless dancing. If a stripper is giving a guy a lap dance while making eye contact with another girl, drink. Regardless of how drunk you get, you will have fun with this movie.

Showgirls drinking game

However, if you DO get drunk, under no circumstances do I recommend trying these dance moves. Not many people know this, but Clueless faced a lot of scrutiny because of the sheer number of muppets murdered to make this movie. She spends the summer at a resort with her affluent family and tears down class barriers while still finding time to work on her tan. Drink for every blatant example. Mean Girls , PG Why?: Or it can be the opposite. These games have been tried and tested and I can guarantee a time will be had. If Nomi is making out with another chick in the hospital, drink. After finishing, I suggest busting out the ouija board and holding a seance. Cady Heron played by Lindsay Lohan moves from Africa to a high school in the Chicago suburbs and learns very quickly that not much separates teenagers from wild animals. Any more and you guarantee yourself a trip to the hospital for alcohol poisoning. When he fingers something, drink up. In honor of these fallen, majestic creatures, drink every time you spot something fluffy. Whenever someone tries to make fetch happen, take a drink. Definitely a good game to get a buzz going to. So it only seems natural to combine the two into a fun activity that can be performed with friends! Grab some friends, pop some corn, and settle in for some laughs. For every piece of headgear, take a drink. His guilty pleasures include overpriced cosmetics, trashy reality TV and B-List horror flicks and his top 3 films of all time are Showgirls, Mean Girls and Heathers. Dirty Dancing , PG Why?: Every time someone bends over backwards or bumps uglies, take a drink. As noted above, Cher falls in love with her step-brother. Much like today, the social rules of modesty have never applied to creative types. This game is best enjoyed with your best gal-pals. By far the most important rule, take a drink for every two nipples you see on screen at any given moment. Whenever you hear an Andrew Carver reference, take a drink.

Showgirls drinking game

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Home Alone Drinking Game! - A Movie Buzz Holiday Special

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