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Being able to hear your date quickly became a challenge. I did not uncap my pen just yet. And I have a male friend who is a much bigger video game nerd than I and talking to him about it gets annoying most of the time but luckily since he's a guy it's tolerable. So it was settled, and we signed me up. Does sci-fi speed dating work, then? Do you think she has "i hope he likes what i like" on her mind?

Sci fi speed dating

For instance, have you ever been in conversation with someone, and when they claim to LOVE a certain band, you ask them which song or album is their favorite? If I can meet a girl who has the mutual interests in my hobbies within tolerable levels Not too crazy,obsessed, or deranged and it willing to participate which is what I want the most, I'd be all on that. Then the guys were allowed in, and despite all being legal adults, we looked like a bunch of awkward tweens at a middle school dance. Afterwards him and another speed dating did a really interest Jedi Sword fight too. Thats the point here. If not, they dismissed them and focused on the next one. Personality is also important yes, but I also think it's more important to have activities both people can enjoy together once a relationship is set and having mutual interests helps with that. Thats what im getting at, as the "mutual interests" nerd sci fi stuff means extremely little. Like I said previously If I manage to meet a girl who's not into the same stuff as me but is perfectly accepting of and supports my hobbies I'd be okay with it though a little sad. A decision is quickly made. So that was good. Dressed as a Jedi Knight he hosted the event with a comedic air that playfully poked fun at himself and every stereotype. Well I was the sci-fi speed dating version of that person. Speed dating might sound like an awkward way to meet that special someone, but it still remains popular at conventions. AND, the guy I felt like talking to again put his number down, so afterwards I gave him my digits. MrMegaPhoenix 3 years ago 5 RyuGaiden posted Most of these ones seemed like creeps, so I was pretty glad that they were kicked to the curb by the organizers before they were able to interact with me. Not like, HEAVILY so, but I can be a pretty nervous, socially-awkward person, and the fact that I was a hundred percent calm going into this situation is a reflection of how confident I was feeling. The conversations with the speed daters themselves were casual and laid back and it wasn't even scary to talk to the extremely few pretty girls there because since they were at a comic con they would obviously have SOME mutual interests, I think what ruined my chances a few times was I got quite excited and talkative to be able to talk to females that I was able to geek stuff with and some of them knew what they were talking about. Also this is my personal opinion but I don't think Women really have the need to "hope a guy likes what they like" because no matter what as long as they have appeal a woman will ALWAYS have another willing option who will jump through hoops to gain their favor. Thats why most of them failed because what kind of woman wants that even ones that are nerds themselves can do better. Chloe drug her friend with her to try it out. We were told to take our seats, and very fortunately the girls would remain seated for the duration of the speed dating process. However, she still supports my hobbies. She had tried the speed dating and found the host the most desirable guy there. It was clear that some people were confused about whose numbers were whose, so one of the organizers asked us to go through and raise our hands after our numbers were called. I did not uncap my pen just yet.

Sci fi speed dating

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Rob Goes Sci-Fi Speed Dating With TLC's Geek Love

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Thats what im getting at, as the "mutual interests" nerd sci fi stuff means extremely little.

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