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They are thinkers and philosophers. I know he's the man I want to spend the rest of my life with. I have never in my life experienced a relationship like this. I just want to get over him this pain hurts a lot. I know he cheated but I am confident that if he is willing to give our marriage a second chance and prove him I'm worthy of his love, he will be able to tame himself for me. The other reason why Cancer prefers to remain in the home all the time is because they are natural introverts.

Sagittarius man cancer woman compatibility

We can be a rollercoaster, my husband frequently asks me to slow down. Actually we were dating before then broke up. Sometimes I think I'm going to pass out from the pleasure. It's not hard to please us, just show you care and you will be treated like a KING. Get in-depth info about the Cancer Man! Back yard barbecues swap out for dinner parties when the weather is nice. The attraction may not have been instant for me but its has lasted throughout the past ten years with no signs of fading The measurement is a reference in degrees. I had to go back to university and when I did I was really sad because I did not want to leave him. The last time we broke up and it's always me doing the breaking up , I felt like I was nagging him to spend time with me. Hoping Sagittarius will cave out of guilt and stay home more, it pushes their mate away. He treats me as his equal. In doing so, they become more open, sympathetic, and sensitive. But for some odd reason he doesn't seem to mind it. I spoil him rotten but I want to be spoiled in return but he doesn't have much money and I don't want to feel like I'm taking care of a grown man financially. Although very rude and snotty they can be. Be spontaneous and outrageous with your promises of good things to come. Sagittarius is energetic and in full control of their emotions. They don't kiss like him, they don't look at me the way he does, they don't feel the way he does. Even when these two if they both really love each other break up they always come back! Cancer is a personality needing emotional security, affection, and attention. He pursued me hardcore. I'm a Cancer woman WE were both down south where our familys were and since our families worked all day when we were on vacation we decided to hang out.. I dated 3 different saggie guys, applaud them for their consistency.. I really don't understand why is he staying. I feel like I'm going to have a lot of "fixing" to do if I marry him, but then I really don't mind as long as I know he truly loves me like he says and that he's faithful.

Sagittarius man cancer woman compatibility

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कर्क राशि धनु राशि Love Compatibility I Cancer Compatibility with Sagittarius in Hindi

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I wrote him a letter, pouring out my emotions, wanting to know why he dissapeared, expressing the need to know, hoping this will bring me some closure. He loves my crazy personality and I love our intelligent conversations.

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