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Kagerou has a toxic body and Kiss of Death , but the series mostly depicts this as a tragedy for her because it prevents from ever having the chance to be the with the man she loves, and she's depicted sympathetically rather than as an evil person. When you die, they don't calculate your goal average and judge whether you should be promoted or relegated. He'll always be the harem king. For what it's worth, Niki was defending champion, and would later get two more titles in real life. Toxin is a morally upright police officer that ends up with a symbiote and decides to use it to do good.

Rwby cards against humanity

When he gains Playing with Fire abilities, he demonstrates them to his team and threatens to kill them if they ever lose, until he gets stopped by Clark Kent. Not only does misfortune and mass property damage follow him like a magnet, but his arm turns into a giant gun that blows up cities and put a giant crater in the moon. He uses his powers to fight evil. Kofuku is a binbougami, a god dess of misfortune and poverty, but she's very sweet and bubbly and a good friend to Yato, Hiyori, and Yukine. Because he recognizes its cruelty potential and it alienates him as well , he hides the eye with this ability under an Eyepatch of Power. Special Victims Unit episode "Hothouse" features a school for genius that promotes this attitude. Fortunately, the Blue Beetle's scarab gets separated from the hive mind, manages to develop a sense of self thanks to the good heart of its wearer Jaime Reyes, and becomes a sentient being of good. One bubbly and childish, the other perverted and optimistic. Polar opposites for some, and yet for one boy living on the streets … maybe they can be something more. In Sailor Moon , Sailor Pluto has power over the Time and Death, to be specific, one of her basic attacks is a projectile formed from the screams of the dead. However, Kaiba loses to Yugi in the semi-finals, so after the end of the Battle City, Kaiba blows up Alcatraz and the whole island to kill Yugi with his friends, but they escape. On the one hand, only top-performing crews are selected to compete, so just going is an achievement in itself, making the line "There are no points for second place" ring a little hollow. Literature In the Red Dwarf novel Better Than Life, a scene in Rimmer's childhood shows him nearly winning a race before another boy trips him up, and we're told his father's favourite phrase is "Winning isn't everything, but losing is nothing". This story, of course. However, Naruto has his own secrets that nobody from the village knows. Which is cool until the man points out that he can no longer touch anyone he loves and that he may have already killed people accidentally this way in fact the concept isn't much different than the above trope illustration. T - English - Adventure - Chapters: Harry Potter - Rated: As a hybrid of the supernatural entities he must pick and choose the side he will fight for. Saiga, the hero of Speed Grapher is the only non-villainous Euphoric, and like the rest of them, his powers are a manifestation of his deepest generally sexual desire, and in his case, involves making anything he takes a picture of explode. Though she eventually did a heel turn and became the villain the Purple Woman. Played Straight with Gelus and Rem-Gods of Death who are very protective of the people that have gained their love and loyalty. There's nothing wrong with losing in a final. You don't see him much these days, for a few reasons; one of them is that he has basically the same power and personality as despicable villain Bushwhacker. Needing to find his once wayward friend and ensure the Rabbit Goddess is no longer a threat, he sets off in this new world. When Chad reappeared on All Stars, she joked that Sharon was "borrowing" her crown and the other queens commented that she seemed to be still sore about losing. M - English - Supernatural - Chapters:

Rwby cards against humanity

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Cards Against Remnant with Qrow, Jaune and Robin

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In the championship game the celebration is more true-to-form and true-to-derby in that the Hurl Scouts played themselves from Oh-for-three-years losers to second place in the entire league of six teams.

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