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Some consumers who experience RIDP challenges will seek help from an assister; others will apply by mail or phone. Consumers who pass RIDP could have their eligibility factors checked in real time and get an immediate eligibility determination. The greater the risk, the greater is the level of assurance needed that the person seeking information access is who he or she claims to be. A MNsure enrollee with an existing account, or created an account in the past to file an appeal. Introducing the RIDP process as late in the application process as possible would allow them to make more progress toward a complete application. Moreover, streamlined eligibility and enrollment processes under the ACA, including practices used by the FFM, are establishing a direction for all online applications for benefits, including multi-benefit applications. Second, New York has found ways to engage assisters in the identity proofing process.


In both cases, individuals can access basic online services, such as completing and submitting an application for benefits, without completing identity proofing but must confirm their identity before accessing personal information and using more advanced online tools. States such as New York have addressed this challenge by using alternative data sources, such as data from state programs, for identity proofing. All assisters can fax identity documents to this call center, where they are manually processed on an accelerated basis, thus speeding completion of the identity proofing process and allowing assisters to help their clients continue applying online. SNAP, for example, is generally available to households with gross income below percent of the federal poverty line, while Medicaid now covers individuals in families up to percent of the federal poverty line in states that expanded Medicaid under the ACA. Experian officials report receiving about , calls to the Experian Help Desk from October to April 1, , after applicants did not pass the online RIDP process. The FFM and state exchanges can promote improvements in system performance, security, and access by establishing metrics for RIDP performance, monitoring and publishing the data, and making evidence-based improvements as needed. Following the risk assessment, HHS can determine the appropriate level of assurance and consider other security approaches available under the NIST guidelines that may reduce or eliminate the need for RIDP. Nevertheless, careful monitoring of barriers to access is warranted. In either case, applicants who would like the advantages of ongoing online services, such as the ability to see the status of their application, amend their application, report changes, manage their benefits e. Finally, consumers completing the process close to the end of an enrollment period face the risk that they will not be cleared to submit the application online before the period ends. They may be able to get comparison information online using the HealthCare. However, some states using this service have adopted complementary processes to help applicants avoid some of the challenges described above. RIDP is not an eligibility requirement for health and human services programs, yet it has become a barrier to enrollment for individuals seeking to apply for programs online. A MNsure enrollee with an existing account, or created an account in the past to file an appeal. RIDP imposes additional challenges for certain immigrant parents seeking to apply on behalf of their citizen children. The RIDP process being used by the FFM and many state agencies may be inconsistent with long-standing federal program requirements intended to reduce administrative barriers that inappropriately discourage eligible individuals in immigrant families, such as children, from seeking needed assistance. As a result, they may find it more difficult to retain coverage that meets their needs over time. At a minimum, all states can follow the HealthCare. Many of these individuals will not have proof of their identity or the ability to get such proof and may abandon the application process altogether for their eligible family members. However, states like California and New York have found ways to incorporate assisters into the identity proofing process to improve success rates and retain the advantages of online applications. The authors would also like to thank Stacy Dean, Dottie Rosenbaum, Judy Solomon, and Jennifer Wagner for providing valuable technical and editorial feedback and Olivia Hoppe for coordinating work related to the paper. Some consumers who experience RIDP challenges will seek help from an assister; others will apply by mail or phone. With more than two years of ACA RIDP experience gained, this is an opportune time to revisit implementation approaches with an eye to ensuring that online applications provide access to benefits for all eligible individuals. As described above, there are many ways in which the RIDP process can prevent or delay applicants from submitting an application, receiving an eligibility result, and enrolling in coverage. Experian will not produce RIDP challenge questions when there is a fraud alert in the records matching the core information.


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Having separate, duplicative applications for these programs is more burdensome for states and applicants alike and increases the risk that people who qualify for multiple programs will not receive all the benefits for which they qualify.

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