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Manginas gossip with men and women. Guys who know better understand that no man is going to help them make a love connection with a quality woman when he could have that woman himself. While Real men will be proud of seeing a man having a relationship with a woman and be happy for him, the Mangina will often be resentful of the happiness he sees transpiring in front of him. When dealing with a Mangina, always look out for the knife in his hand or in his hip pocket. Worse, when he gossips about men, he takes the information he gets to other men, like his enemies. A Mangina is a gossip. Manginas often harbor resentment towards other men. Moreover, if a man wants a relationship with a woman, he has to go out and get it.

Real mangina

In extreme cases he bleeds from the crotch. These spineless jellyfish slither around poisoning the lives of all those around him and slip away to the next group of victims. A Real Man may hurt for a while about rejection, but he will get over it and move on. Here are some of the reasons why the Mangina is the enemy of Men everywhere: In the Manginas eyes he is the only man who should be happy with a woman. Moreover, he makes women think that they are entitled preferential treatment for being born with a vagina. By advocating for women so much, a Mangina enables women to believe that they are victims of men in society. They think that by being a friend to a woman first they can become a lover later on. Manginas try to eliminate the competition. Because Manginas lack the testicles to state clearly what they want from a woman, they wind up frustrated watching as the woman of his dreams pursues other men. This gives women swelled heads and make them think they are always right when they are wrong. When dealing with a Mangina, always look out for the knife in his hand or in his hip pocket. Once you identify it, avoid these losers like the plague. When he gets some juicy gossip, he blabs it everywhere. Manginas refuse to see women as human beings with flaws. Moreover, they make them think that women are just supposed to throw themselves at them because they are good and perfect. Manginas put women on pedestals. Manginas pander to women by pretending to be their best friend. Manginas Love to Play Matchmaker. This makes them dangerous when they interact in the social circles of men. A Mangina is a gossip. These cowards work behind the scenes getting your information and using it against you in the dating scene and on the job. Manginas think by coming through the back-door they have a shot at a relationship. A Mangina hates being a man. All they bring to the lives of the people around them is drama and stress. Manginas are notorious for being petty and passive aggressive.

Real mangina

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Why Manginas, Simps and Captain Save a Hoes Hate Real Men

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That makes him look more like a prize to the women he wants to get with. A Mangina rarely ever tells the truth.

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