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For the RD Session Host servers, we have 2 designated servers. Back on the deployment properties screen, hit apply. Now we need to specify which server will be our RD Connection Broker. Since there are multiple roles which require a certificate, you can use a wildcard certificate to make things easier. In this case we are doing a full deployment and will use the standard deployment option. There are two different deployment scenarios.


These certificates should be created prior to the RDS deployment. In the Remote Desktop Services node, you will see the entire configuration for the new farm. Wait for the deployment to be completed and hit close. Select Standard deployment and hit next. There are two different deployment scenarios. Once the certificate is applied for the single sign on role service, go ahead and highlight the RD Connection Broker — Publishing option and click on the Select existing certificate button. On the before you begin screen, hit Next. Review the items and hit next. A message will appear stating the RD Session Host servers may require a restart. Once we find our servers, add them and hit ok. Here, Microsoft has separated the option of deploying Remote Desktop Services from all other roles and features. For the RD Session Host servers, we have 2 designated servers. Now we need to specify which server will be our RD Connection Broker. Go ahead and click on the Remote Desktop Services node. There are two different deployment types: Once checked, hit Deploy. Quick start is an option to be used mainly for testing purposes or for a proof of concept. Since we are focusing on the traditional form of Remote Desktop Services, we will choose the Session-based desktop deployment option. This is not a requirement, however this is a good practice and helps organize the servers you will be managing. Locate and select the certificate and hit the open button. Back on the deployment properties screen, hit apply. During the deployment, you will be able to view the progress of each role as it is being deployed. Go to the Active Directory tab and search for the designated RD servers. Should there be any issues, it will list the issue along with an error. A Remote Desktop deployment requires certificates for server authentication, single sign on, and establishing secure connections. On the Review Role Services screen it will list a description of the three minimum roles required for the deployment.


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RDS GP 4 этап ТОП 32 на "Сочи Автодроме"

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