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The goal is to work out up until the morning of the surgery. Aptly enough, this is exactly how the entire Toon Patrol end up dying, save Smarty. His parents ultimately had him institutionalized in the New Salem Insane Asylum but he eventually grew up and wound up hunting down his parents and subsequently murdered them. This is so confusing Jesus. He is seen again in the bar where he is seen threatening Eddie with his knife, then he tries to kill Eddie, but the private investigator punches him.

Perverted emoji app

Your ass is just a manly ass wife. After having been arrested for breaking into the boudoir of the mayor's ample daughter was sent to the New Salem Insane Asylum because the judge and jury believed he must be insane due to his interest in overweight women. Jessica Makes me sad. However, his rotundness does not appear to have affected his self-esteem; his way of walking appears to flaunt this feature, and he often smiles or behaves in a cool, suave manner. He wields a switchblade as his weapon of choice, though he is also seen carrying a semi-automatic pistol while investigating Eddie 's office. Comics The Ghost Gallery The Ghost Gallery was an unofficial series of Haunted Mansion character biographies created by Disney World cast members in an effort to add more mythos to the attraction. Ezra wound up dying while peeping on the "Fat Lady" of a circus when she accidentally sat on him. This is because of the resemblance they both have and the fact that Greasy died just after Smarty. Apparently the actual mother complained about the post because I showed it to DF but when I tried to show my granny it was gone and an explanation of why it disappeared was in its place. This story proved so popular that it was responsible for inspiring the plot of the SLG Comics and created the hitchhikers official names, those being Phineas, Ezra and Gus. Greasy wears an open green zoot suit styled trench coat and trousers hiked up to his chest, partially obscuring a pink tie and white dress shirt, and spectator shoes; he appropriately resembles a zoot suit gangster from the L. But two brown people destroying the boy above. Each ghost got a side-story telling of their lives before they came to the Mansion. Personality Greasy is mostly shown speaking English with a strong Mexican-Spanish accent, but he curses in Spanish when a bear trap clamps down on his hands when he reaches into Jessica's cleavage, and when Roger shoots into the Acme Factory via a storm drain, carrying Greasy who was standing on top of it with him towards the ceiling. Gus then shipped himself inside of a crate to his cousin George Gracey's mansion in an effort to kill him, only to be imprisoned in one of the mansion's secret rooms. JerseyMom And any sperm donor that thinks it is okay for his son to be groomed to be flamboyant female in his head needs to repent for failing his son as a father. Greasy is the fourth weasel to die after losing control of his laughter and drops dead out of the cab of the machine. Not even a man speaking out abt it.. You have both parents in the household and yet they choose to feminize thier son and raise him as a sissy. Much props on little being talented like that tho. A lot of people have mistaken Greasy's ghost for Smarty's. I still have my favorite cardio, the stairmill. Ezra Gasser was a prankster since childhood that ran a successful practical joke business when he got older. Trivia At one point in the movie, Smarty warned Greasy that he will die laughing as a way to get him to stop. Clean that shit up in the back……. The professor died from lead poisoning after he cut his lip on one of his elixir bottles. After being invited to the Mansion, he kept his business going, but when Madame Leota reminded everyone that they were already dead, and he was chased out, joining Gus and Ezra.

Perverted emoji app

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However, his pranks made the other ghosts angry, resulting in him joining Phineas and Gus.

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