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Other factors may enter into the decision to grant or deny parole, most commonly the establishment of a permanent residence and immediate, gainful employment or some other clearly visible means of self-support upon release such as Social Security if the prisoner is old enough to qualify. Before being granted the privilege of parole, the inmate meets with members of the parole board and is interviewed, The parolee also has a psychological exam. Parole Commission still has jurisdiction over parole for those prisoners convicted of felonies in the District of Columbia and who are serving their sentences there, as well as over certain federally incarcerated military and international prisoners. However, if convicted of multiple murder either first or second-degree , the sentencing judge has the option to make parole ineligibility periods consecutive - thereby extending parole ineligibility beyond 25 years and, in rare cases, beyond a normal life-span. Israel[ edit ] Until , parole in Israel was possible only after the prisoner had served two thirds of their sentence. US immigration law[ edit ] In US immigration law , the term parole has two meanings related to allowing persons to enter or leave the United States without the normally required documentation.

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The United States is the only nation in the world where parole is a politically divisive issue. A prisoner is eligible if he has served at least 30 months or 26 years for life sentences , and the time remaining on his sentence is less than half the total normally , a quarter of the total if previously convicted or never convicted or five years for sentences greater than 7. Inmates serving sentences of more than two years are normally seen by the New Zealand Parole Board after serving one-third of the sentence, although the judge at sentencing can make an order for a minimum non-parole period of up to two-thirds of the sentence. The inmate must first agree to abide by the conditions of parole set by the paroling authority. According to the U. Where parole is granted or denied at the discretion of a parole board, mandatory supervision does not involve a decision making process: Mandatory supervision tends to involve stipulations that are more lenient than those of parole, and in some cases place no obligations at all on the individual being released. In some cases, a parolee may be discharged from parole before the time called for in the original sentence if it is determined that the parole restrictions are no longer necessary for the protection of society this most frequently occurs when elderly parolees are involved. This is often done by specifying an indeterminate sentence of, say, "15 to 25 years", or "15 years to life". Prisoners of war[ edit ] Parole is "the agreement of persons who have been taken prisoner by an enemy that they will not again take up arms against those who captured them, either for a limited time or during the continuance of the war. Any prisoner whose sentence is less than two years is sent to a correctional facility in the province or territory that convicted him or her , whilst anyone sentenced to serve no less than two years will be sent to a federal correctional facility and will thus have to deal with the Parole Board of Canada. The first two consisted of promotions earned through good behaviour, labour, and study. In cases of first-degree murder, one can apply for parole after 25 years if convicted of a single murder. However, parole is not guaranteed, particularly for prisoners serving life or indeterminate sentences. In some cases "good time" can reduce the original sentence by as much as one-third. Federal prisoners may, however, earn a maximum of 54 days good time credit per year against their sentence 18 U. On 13 February the Knesset passed a bill, brought forward by Reuven Rivlin and David Libai , which allowed the early release of prisoners who had served half of their prison term. Mere good conduct while incarcerated in and of itself does not necessarily guarantee that an inmate will be paroled. He developed a plan to prepare them for eventual return to society that involved three grades. A variant of parole is known as " time off for good behavior ", or, colloquially, "good time". Despite the decline in jurisdictions with a functioning parole system, the average annual growth of parolees was an increase of about 1. The third grade in the system involved conditional liberty outside of prison while obeying rules. The inmate gives an address which is verified by parole officers as valid before the inmate is released to parole supervision. Occasionally, medical parole is used as a no-publicity way of releasing an accidentally imprisoned convict. Should they not comply with conditions on the parole certificate a warrant is issued for their arrest. To manage prison populations and rehabilitate those incarcerated, he instituted a two-part strategy that consisted of indeterminate sentences and parole releases.

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In some cases "good time" can reduce the original sentence by as much as one-third. Israel[ edit ] Until , parole in Israel was possible only after the prisoner had served two thirds of their sentence.

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