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Straight and to the point, yet not as degrading because of it's immense popularity and common use. Hell she can even get married. Smutbag Sad story these smutbags are. Most people associate this term with weight, however that's not the case here. Or you hangin' out with Katie tonight?

Offensive nicknames for girls

Her friends are a bunch of pigs" "I'm there. On your way out the door:: Although it can in fact be very demeaning, it can also be effectively used to convince your girlfriend you're not sleeping with her friends when you really are. If there's two of them, don't make any plans for tomorrow. In fact some may spend their entire lives without using it once. This is the nuclear warhead of female insults. Pig Here's where it gets tricky folks. To the smutbag's credit, she actually can bag a guy here and there. Cow The only reason this is so low on the list is because it never comes as a surprise. Oct 26, 1 Advertisement In fact sometimes they even embrace it so in rare cases, this can actually backfire. Somehow though, despite all her inadequacies, she feels you're not worth her time. Deep down somewhere in her heart though, she knows she's worthless. You know, not beautiful and not fun to be around A pig is an entirely different creature altogether. Bimbo sluts are not to be treated like normal human beings. Bitch This is probably the most common term used. However, when and if the time comes where you and this girl have a "fall out" for whatever reason , feel free to call her a slob. She knows that no one likes her for who she is and only because she's the only woman on the block who will offer a married guy a blowjob during his kid's birthday party. She's that ugly girl with the big nose in the club, with the ugly friend, and wearing a hideous outfit. A pig is someone who carries themselves like a dirty animal. Skank A skank is most commonly a girl who displays complete and utter trash. Smutbag Sad story these smutbags are. Slob works because it's open to interpretation. Whores and ho's usually hit on guys with either a lot of money or a lot of connections and try to weasel their way to his bank account. For weight, see "cow".

Offensive nicknames for girls

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Funny CS:GO Nicknames!

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