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But, at least the change of subject has calmed my Harry down again And he needed to be here. Picking up and holding up the letter he received from Marchbanks, he said, "I also received a letter from Lady Knowing the new Headmistress would not want anything touched, he gave a nod to himself and elf-popped to her office. Is this about what I think it's about? It left the chair smelling of burnt polish with faint wisps of smoke rising off it. Moving onto the next one took a bit more work as the company that manufactured the item had long since gone out of business. Tapping Dumbledore's prone and half-folded form with her cane tip, she ordered it, "Take this old twit to the Infirmary and inform our medi-wizard that he was standing too close to the site where his phoenix severed its bond with him, would you? Undoing the bow that held the ribbon knotted closed, Harry stripped it away before opening the 'cover'.


From nearby, the portrait of Headmistress Mole scolded, "Really, Phinneas. If she or he does, then my chances of accomplishing this will be almost guaranteed. He smiled back and said, "Exactly. Their task was to keep Potter and his now betrothed safe. They all even managed to be in bed early. Instead, just about everything was at least slightly scorched with the parchment on the desk either side of Dumbledore that had felt the direct blast was crisped without catching fire. It's that, we suspect, which burnt the back of your hair off, singed the back of your robes, charred your office desk chair, and a few other things. They didn't believe in subtlety. Stepping inside she took a moment to look about and saw the damage caused by the forced severing of the bond. Holding it out to Harry, he said, "This bees for you, Sir. Dumbledore now represented a clear threat to the Cete and needed to be dealt with before any other badger fell before him. To outward appearance they were disinterested or just mildly amused. As soon as he tried to move to hop back off the bed he realised he was tied down. A task he gave me to do. But also said it was only three students; he, Hermione and Ron. The bitch is going to rue the day she decided I was not worth her effort and decided I'm now nothing more than jumped-up boy, who should let the experienced adults run things in his place! Shocked at what he felt he cried, "My hair! After all the usual falderal, the section of the body that was most important said He quickly started to sort the information out. Giving the room another once-over she then gave a huff and made her way back out the door again. Pulling his head out of the flames and allowing the call to disconnect, the medi-wizard walked back out into the Infirmary, stood at the foot of the bed Dumbledore had so recently vacated, readied his wand to cast and waited. It left the chair smelling of burnt polish with faint wisps of smoke rising off it. It also didn't contain a poison or was dosed with an illicit potion. I've had all night to think about it, now. Hermione had told him that she'd been told the previous day that the aurors on their detail were not permitted to speak about what Harry or the Grangers were up to with anyone else not already on the detail.


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He almost instantly began spitting soap suds and liquid soap out of his mouth and spluttering as he cleared it away. Cocking an eyebrow at the elf, she asked, "And, do you know how that happened?

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