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I asked her how it came about and she told me a great story. Eric Neumann has worked very hard to come to where he is now. That was the general consensus. Wednesday, November 2, 7 pm David Sandlin: Tuesday, November 1, 7 pm David Kunzle on Chesucristo. She likes coffee, cats and noble struggle. Comics do what they have to do to survive.


They represent a fine contrast in their lives, graphic style and satirical reach. Comics do what they have to do to survive. As cold as it was, as I approached Carly Aquilino was outside alone catching a smoke. He said that they had a Christmas party on the set and that Judd Hirsch is an excellent dancer. Just in case you were wondering. An Australian promoter saw her perform at a Roast Battle. Two caricaturists dominate the emerging field of the French comic strip from the s onward: They also did Chicago, Philly, D. One great thing was having Lori Sommer close the show. She never started out to become a comedian. Jeffrey Gurian is a comedian, writer and all around bon vivant in New York City. He usually comes on stage with a keyboard and does a bunch of fun original songs. While all this insanity was going on somehow Rell Battle was able to maintain a phone conversation on his cell, while pacing the room. AMarie herself came up and rather than do her usual stand-up she told very personal stories about her life. She can be heard regularly on the More To Come Podcast. He currently lives in New York and teaches printmaking, book arts, and illustration at the School of Visual Arts. He has exhibited extensively in the U. Cham, by contrast, inspired by and at one point collaborator with the Swiss, quickly became a dominant figure in the French premier magazine of graphic satire, Le Charivari. Aside from his comedy skills, his musical skills are to be admired as well. She had a variety of openers including a long set by her protege James Jarrott, an openly gay comic, which he mentions a lot , who has the uncanny ability to rattle off material for half an hour without seemingly even stopping to take a breath. The green room was insane with so many comics hanging out and not only to get out of the cold. It was a great show. Artist David Sandlin discusses the influences of country music on his paintings, prints, and comics. She likes coffee, cats and noble struggle. Extracts from the poetry are intoned simultaneously with projection of some of the infinite variations made of the famous, so often christified visage of Che. Inside I ran into Ayanna Dookie wearing the best, and most fun faux fur coat I had ever seen.


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You got more books than anyone I know. Since there were so many comics in the room now living in LA a spirited convo broke out on the merits of being in NY or LA and it was interesting to hear their takes.

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