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She asked her classmates who it is from, but no one was able to give her an answer. No copyright infringement intended. She locks herself away in her house, shutting out the world. When Maki returns both her and Eli soon learn that there was more to this than just bringing someone to see their Queen. They can still be read as a standalone. M - English - Romance - Chapters:


Swan Queen marriage proposal. Featuring NozoEri and KotoUmi! With some buns lettuce and tomatoes The proposal by cuzo reviews Tumblr prompt: Can Emma and Regina get to the bottom of things? Involves the entire group on the Jolly Roger and the relationships and histories represented there. What mischief and romance can be found as a result? Can you handle it? Regina Mills is an upper class New York photographer who wouldn't normally spare a second glance at people below her. Unfortunately, the only one able to cure her from the ailment is Emma Jane is damaged after her dealings with Hoyt. Rated M as some chapters will contain adult content. Would you like cheese with your fluff? Elsa and Anna are completely blindsided by some very unusual expectations and their own feelings. Gay and merry laughing and cheese. After the wraith attacks Emma gets sucked into the portal and in desperation Regina dives after her. Malora Maleficent - Rated: If you watch the OP song closely, you might have a clue of where this idea came from. One-shot based on the season finale Once Upon a Time - Rated: The Swan and the Nightingale by RebelByrdie reviews A tale of political intrigue, scheming enemies, new friends, and new love brings an entirely new dynamic to Storybrooke. She thought Emma would be happy. When Maki returns both her and Eli soon learn that there was more to this than just bringing someone to see their Queen. Blanchard The Road to Hell by Lezg33k reviews Regina and Emma find themselves caught up in an romantic entanglement that forces the dark Mayor to look deeper her actions and how they've come to effect all of those around her. And only then, with Regina inside, did the lines, curves, and swirls shift and move, assembling themselves into words within the heart. Rated M for language and sexytimes in later chapters.


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Nix 86 1987

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Can they overcome the present to find their future happiness in a past only one of them can remember? Show storylines and characters are altered for the story.

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