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Coconut , almond, and olive oils can actually cause much more damage if heat is applied to the hair, literally cooking it. There are, however, a few tips that can save your hair when straightening your hair. When the mixture reaches the consistency of conditioner, remove from the heat. Continue with drying your hair until it is dry. This method is called the chasing method and will leave your hair bone straight. How to Straighten Natural Hair Without Heat Knowing how to straighten natural hair without heat is a wonderful way to keep your hair as healthy as possible. Apply a smoothing or styling cream to that section of hair. Another way to use coconut milk to straighten your hair involves adding lemon juice to the coconut milk in a bowl. Just remember that less is more when it comes to castor oil.

Natural hair straightened

Styling products, oils, and conditioners can actually damage hair if you choose to straighten your hair using heat without removing them first. The keratin seals the hair, making it smooth, straight, shiny and very manageable. Pull out and hold each section of hair for a few seconds to encourage it to straighten out. Remember, when applying coconut oil to the hair, start with small amounts and add more as needed. Only take a small amount, usually the size of a dime, and gently smooth over your finished style. However, because the hair is left smooth and more manageable, it makes additional straightening much easier. Whichever way you choose, straightening your short hair gives you the opportunity to rock a variety of hairstyles. If you want to use rollers, be sure to choose rollers that are small enough for the length of the hair to wrap around if possible. To straighten your hair overnight, apply your favorite styling or straightening products and comb your hair around your head. How to Straighten Natural Hair Without a Relaxer For the lady who wants to know how to straighten natural hair without a relaxer, the most effective method is with a flat iron. Let it air dry completely. Bobby pins are used to pin the hair flat. You can continue straightening the hair by wrapping it or simply style as usual. But, how do you get professional results without chemicals? These can come in gel or cream form. Let air dry, then brush out. The other must-have tool for straightening your hair with a blow dryer is a flat paddle brush if your hair is long enough otherwise a small tooth comb works just fine. Divide the hair into sections that are as long and wide as the roller. Wash out and brush dry. This allows you to use heat to dry it. Heat protectants help reduce damage caused by heated styling tools and will leave your hair feeling silky and smooth. In another bowl mix cornstarch and oil until smooth. Once your hair is dry, remove the Curlformers and straighten it with a flat iron. First apply your favorite styling product, paying extra attention to the ends of your hair. Straighten Natural Hair with Coconut Milk There are a couple of ways to straighten natural hair with coconut milk. You can wrap in a silk scarf and sleep on it to reduce frizz.

Natural hair straightened

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How To SILK PRESS Natural Hair

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Continue with drying your hair until it is dry. Instead, there are healthier alternative ways to coax your hair into the style you want.

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