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He has had prescriptions for Flomax which was taken quite longterm which appeared to relieve the problem for a while but the condition keeps coming back from time to time. What are the implications for future physical development and where can I find more information and support? See your GP for a second opinion to your own, Dr Who. If this is quite large it may need a subsequent operation to deal with it effectively There is a risk of damage to the testicular artery, which supplies the testicle. Either way you need this one checked by a professional. The other side should continue to work as normal.

My balls hurt after i cum

I noticed today that when I sit down and bring my legs close together so that the knees touch, my left testicle moves very high up, almost completely out of the sac and I can see it bulge under the skin in the groin area. We have never had sex and he is still a virgin. Over the years the remaing half is extremely painful to the touch and has shrunk and become very mushy. This is caused by inflammation in the epididymis the tube behind each testicle that stores and delivers sperm. Sometimes testes are slow to drop down into the scrotum we call these undescended testicles and an operation is usually required. It feels spongy, mushy. The specialist has suggested surgery - is this the best option what about draining the hydrocele and what would the surgery entail in terms of stay in hospital etc? I suspect that the scan has shown a cyst in the epididymis, which is the tube around the testicle and transports sperms away from the testicle. It is worth going back to your doctor to make sure. You're wise to be concerned about testicular cancer; it's all too common in young men and returns as a risk after your 40s. These can be drained and rarely cause any serious problems. If not, and if it is getting larger or there is any pain, you must return to your GP and ask for an ultrasound scan. At the end of the day you may not require an operation providing: The testicle normally feels like a hard-boiled egg without the shell. My wife wants kids and she's afraid that I might be sterile. Even so, it is obviously not a good idea to discuss in detail the implications of the investigations with anyone other than the mother and father. Problems with the testicle itself include a cyst in the duct which carries the sperm to the penis. They form quite late and are separate from the blood supply. You should also see your doctor if you have the following symptoms in addition to pain: This is very rare and testicles are more likely to fail to descend into the scrotum just after birth, not later in life once they have successfully made the journey. Yes I have seen this problem and it is now becoming unfortunately more common for unknown reasons. This has started since the last few times that during and after having sex that my husband experiences a pain in his right testicle. It feels like another testicle attached to the left one, and is much larger when I sleep. There is no sexual dysfunction although it is worrying. When I find this area on the other testicle the back facing side it is lumpy too but smaller.

My balls hurt after i cum

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Symptoms Of Testicular Cancer Not To Be Overlooked

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I am an 81 year old male and have just become aware of a slight swelling of the scrotum. Transitory pain which he describes is common and generally does not have any sinister worries.

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