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The staff, which consists of professionals and other individuals who have recovered from eating disorders, offers some of the best treatment interventions and techniques to help clients accomplish their goals in recovery. You gave me the most precious gift anyone could possibly give me. In our opinion you cannot walk away from Monte Nido without a good feeling in your heart; knowing that the person you love is in the right place to help her overcome her behavior problems. Over a year later, I am thankful and humble to report that I am doing remarkably well. I am present in every moment; I get to feel; I get to laugh. I came in exhausted of living. Our daughter had been in two previous treatment facilities for anorexia that proved to be abject failures. I have the freedom to live every aspect of my life.

Monte nido california

Proven Outcomes We have evaluated and published the only peer-reviewed, decadelong, post-graduate outcome study on residential eating disorder clients. Aside from recovering from an eating disorder, the work I did at Vista, empowered me. I can finally look back and have clarity that has helped me make choices and take action that brings hope and optimism rather than replicating the same old destructive behaviors. We know how lucky we are that she was able to get there. They cared enough about me to find me an outpatient therapist that is perfect for me and has continued to guide and support me over the last nine months. Monte Nido saved my life. I made the decision to trust Carolyn with my daughter. That reason was Monte Nido. You gave me life in my mind, body, and spirit. These past months at Monte Nido Vista have save my life. I can now see why fighting is always worth it. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Carolyn for a great job to manage Monte Nido together with her capable team of staff. I am present in every moment; I get to feel; I get to laugh. No matter what happens tomorrow, we are so incredibly fortunate to have each other. In addition I appreciate the cooperative and collaborative approach they take with me, the referring therapist. I believed that the pain of life was too great for me to handle. I have never experienced such unconditional love and support and more than that- hope. I now have a life beyond my eating disorder. When food and weight take a proper perspective in your life and what you weigh is not more important than who you are; in fact, all numbers are of little or no importance at all. She has them write about their worst eating-disordered day, too. Costin, who herself recovered from an eating disorder, is founder and executive director of The Eating Disorder Center of California and Monte Nido, with centers in California and Oregon. Thus began a journey for us which has been confronting, full of uncertainty, at many times frightening and ultimately exhausting. I never knew what it was like to have someone really listen when I spoke. The idea is to integrate the two selves over time. The miracle in this case being Monte Nido and all the wonderful people who are associated with it.

Monte nido california

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Tour of Monte Nido at Laurel Hill Residential Treatment Center

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We tried absolutely everything we could to seek help for our daughter in Australia, and to find ways to help her survive the starvation and self harm that comes with this little understood disease. I have often felt like a hopeless case — that I will never be better than I am now, but you have changed that for me, thank you.

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