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It is a long road to recovery but I hope to get my life back some day. They are all the same; just a variation on a theme. How do I get him out of here? Nothing I did was right. They tend to devalue, derogate, insult, and blame others, and they often respond to threatening feedback with anger and hostility. The last day I spoke to him, he brought up the taxes and it was just literally like something in my brain said that's it!

Meaning of narcissistic sociopath

Everybody knows what BS I put up with. He has kids and bills, and I was out of my head brainwashed for a while. When he started to hit my two year old son, I finally left. Basically, whenever I was in the spotlight, he would try to get attention on himself either by belittling my success or elevating himself. From the very beginning, there were textbook signs, and now I know what he is. February 13, at There are people there trained to help you for exactly the situation you are facing. Constant lies and half truths, breakups every 3 to 4 months. You don't deserve this, and they can never change. At that point, I had stopped feeling, and just continued surviving. He planned to take what he could and be done, because it would be easy. One minute he was Mr. Like the comment above says they will keep trying to trigger you and you end up looking like the crazy one that nobody believes. I have to see a surgeon in the morning and I pick up my new truck the day after. Your mother, husband, son, know how to trigger you — what to say, do, threaten, how to demean, in their attempt to control you. You are her example on how to solve this crisis if it should every happen to her. I can't have a good relationship, though, even if I do that by myself, when he just can't be bothered. September 3, at 1: His dad and his sister didn't even know for five years he had his small business. He should come with a warning label, his field suits him well: If he cannot buy you dinner once a week, run. Do you other people still struggle with whether or not we caused this? To make a long story short, 14 years later I have to sell everything I own to pay him off, but I came to see him for what he really is and so does everyone else. My situation had degraded so badly that my son at 15 years old was grabbing my wrists while his sociopathic father watched and said nothing , he wanted my own son to hurt me. I try to have no contact with him but I have no financials yet!

Meaning of narcissistic sociopath

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Narcissistic SMIRK & Sociopathic SMILE [with a slide show]

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