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I'm from Huntington, Quebec. I am 28 years old living and working in Manila as Coordinator in a university research office. Philippines Learn About Philippines About me: I have a big family in Ontario and also in Quebec. I am just saying I like postcards and letters. I get really stoked and wonder to myself, one of these fine dayz when I get out it would be like "Shawshank Redemption", all of these fast moving vehicles and wondering why everybody is in such a hurry!

Male pen pals

Talkative when around my friends but get shy with new people. I'm very caring, I don't wish bad on anybody even if they've done me bad. I like going to the movies and playing pool. If your bucket list has anything to do with the outdoors.. Hopefully it will be possible to make here new friends. Will stick through thick and thin. Lol I think it is just me who like doing this kind of stuff. I am 28 years old living and working in Manila as Coordinator in a university research office. I have dogs, like reading books but now I have to read modules for my online IP class. I have lived in the Gaspesie for 42 great years. Of course I am open to finding a girlfriend. I only speak 2 languages. I'm a very hard worker. I'm very creative and one of my passions is to draw. I'm from Huntington, Quebec. If you find this ad interesting and you want to have a dialogue with me, I am much more than happy to reply back. I have blue eyes, brown hair and I'm 5'10". For age, I think I like having a conversation with older guys because I find them very mature and I could learn from their experiences. I hope you don't mind telling my days and I wouldnt mind reading yours too. I'm looking for a pen pal, new friends who have the same interests. Anyway, I am not here to ask for that. Humour is just right under my sleeves and I can be so serious and I like to ask deep questions. I've been in prison now for 4 years for the first time and my friends and family can't wait until I get out. It would be nice to have a dialogue with English speaking person. I'm a very positive person and I will not stop tryin to give people inspirations and encouragement to do good.

Male pen pals

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10 Tips for writing inmates and becoming a prisoner's pen pal.

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I'm 6 ft, lbs, muscular build, brown hair and brownish-green eyes.

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