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Younger men are attracted to older women because of our life experience and the fact that we know what we want. I'm sure Nigella would swap places with me in a heartbeat! He had left school though, he was training to be a plumber. I was also horrified when I met some of his friends. It lifts your spirits, revitalises your energy and reaches the parts older men cannot. Young guys come to you as a fresh slate without having the hang-ups of many older men. I'm often asked how, at my age, I dare take my clothes off in front of a year-old. We had a committed relationship, moved in together and the whole thing lasted about 18 months.

Looking for a toyboy

I've had close encounters walking down the street, in the supermarket, at art galleries and on holiday. The frisson you get with a younger man is unbelievable. All of this acts like a youth injection to keep you looking and feeling young again. My advice to all those ladies out there tempted to enjoy the firm fitness of fresher flesh is you go girls, as I intend to do for as long as I'm able. And the result of these mismatched expectations? I have to say even I was thinking 17 is a bit young and I did discourage him initially. I'm tempted to answer: Les liaisons amoureuses of older women and younger men are no longer the preserve of celebrities. We met on a dating website and he's gorgeous, funny and fascinated by me and I can't say that about a lot of men my age. Catching the eye, holding the hand of a younger and by association fitter and more virile chap, is a sweet revenge. The boys have usually been to university and toured the world so there's always a tale for them to add. According to law firm JMW Solicitors, when toyboys grow up, they are no longer content with a ready-made family of step kids, but feel an urge to father their own children. He might be attracted by her experience and the whole sexy Mrs Robinson thing initially, but if the relationship deepens as far as marriage, then the dynamic is very important. Unlike our younger sisters, this is not marriage and babies nor a desire to get drunk and throw up in the gutter. I'm happy to say that I'm still in touch with many ex-lovers including my original year-old, who just turned Toyboys enjoy being spontaneous and romantic. If two people are attracted to each other what difference should their ages make? He had left school though, he was training to be a plumber. One of her conquests has even been a male model. Although I look after myself with a healthy regime of carb control and yoga, of course my body's ageing. She says men have been dating younger women for decades and this is redressing the balance. I guess you have to know how to pick them so you have enough to talk about. And I get a real buzz from knowing I can still pull a younger man. The wives, being older, may no longer be able, much less willing, to conceive. I was also horrified when I met some of his friends. Disapproval comes from those who do not dare.

Looking for a toyboy

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'Extreme Cougar Wives': Older Women Dating Young Men

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It lifts your spirits, revitalises your energy and reaches the parts older men cannot. I'm also asked what we find to talk about.

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