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I want to make social commentary, politically incorrect statements, and absurd jokes, because that's who I am. Obviously, there is a base line total it would cost to create a simple show. But having already created similar content before, I can tell you that the risks aren't likely to become realities. The album WILL be made. I also gave all of my content away for free, so I've made no profits off of this endeavor to this point. And that's what this Kickstarter is for. So I need to keep going. And personally, I've never felt more alive.

Lil dixky

If you can't see it by now, this leaves me in quite the predicament. And to evolve and grow as an artist, everything needs to be elevated. Lil D performed his song excellently but the constraints of the festival meant it didn't have the small close feeling his last tour date had, nor the planned gags. And to maintain complete creative control, I REALLY want to avoiding aligning myself with a company ie a record label that would restrict me, both creatively and financially. From special effects, to models, to props, to extras, to locations, to condoms, these videos can add up. So I need to keep going. You are letting me continue my quest to change rap forever. The Rewards I tried to provide some incentivizing rewards in return for your help. So I'm coming to you. Snag a great LD Tee Cop a fresh LD hoodie This Kickstarter is also the only place to "pre-order" the new album, and you'll get it a full weekend before the general public does. Look to the right, and you can see the options. Music Videos for songs off of that album Touring Inherent in these items are costs. Music - An album will cost me money in studio time, production, mixing and mastering, and sessions with producers to create original beats. Kristopher Livewire March 18th Dicky did an amazing job, the crowd was what killed it a little for me. Next time do Water Street Music Hall and give us a hour and a half! I need a way to increase my production value, both musically, and and in the quality of the music videos. I've never even been in a real studio. So the more I get, the more freedom I'll have creatively to develop the perfect show. And to do them the right way, financial flexibility is essential. Who Is Lil Dicky: Once someone else is calling the shots, it can really inhibit the artist. Been going HAM at the mirror lately. Risks and challenges Fortunately for me, the execution of this is fairly simple. I genuinely believe that this thing can become huge, on a national level. Getting ready for the stage.

Lil dixky

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Lil Dicky - Lemme Freak (Official Video)

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And to do them the right way, financial flexibility is essential.

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