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I'm sincerely repentant of my wrongdoing. Please know I love you more than anything in the world. I love you so much. I pray this marks the beginning of our forever together. So many hours have gone by without your tender kisses, your beautiful gaze and your sweet love. The pain of separation lingers in my heart. Do not linger on in the room of pain and anxiety. I want us to scale through this like every other challenge.

Letter to boyfriend after fight

Please forgive me my love. I wish to feel amazing sitting close to you. Please, don't make me cry again, I'll seek your forgiveness till thy kingdom come. Apology Paragraphs for the one you love Apology letters to girlfriend after fight 6. I can't think of anything else but you. Please, don't make me feel naked, being in love covers one from pain. I feel so heartbroken for having said those words. But the more I hoped, the more the shades of guilt beclouds my judgement. I love you forevermore. I hope to return to your love in haste. I know you still love me, and yet when I think about how rude I was, I am afraid you will stop loving me because of it. Pls, do well to forgive me cause, I'm head over heels still in love with you. Life is a roller coaster of emotions. I've grown, I've learnt, which is the beauty of mistakes. I'm too sorry to let you down once more, I'm too pained to see you go through this hurt all alone. I wish these tears of mine could build a bridge so, I can walk up to you again. Ever since life has turned against me and love has become soured for me, I've found myself in solitude. I failed to act properly. Pls, forgive me, sweetheart. Songwriters say "pleasure ennobles the soul and soften the heart" but a girl in love like me would say "forgiveness ennobles the soul and softens the heart". I love you so much. Don't chase me off, don't put me afar. I am not perfect, I am riled with flaws but with your help and support, I will get the best part of me with you. I couldn't have been more wrong with my choice of words and actions. I'm truly sorry, pls forgive me. How benevolent of you to forgive me!

Letter to boyfriend after fight

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Truth be told, I fought you while I should have been reasonable but now wisdom isn't far from me that's why I desperately seek your forgiveness. We will make the best perfect couple ever.

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