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Certainly the idea of the feature built into the editor excited me, and could have given SEUCK a new lease of life. Luna Lander, thrust, jet pac, shoot 'em up scene, flick screen puzzle action and many more parts were planned. Probably, but as retro is getting more and more popular these days, there's much more interest being generated which is always a good thing. Probably your most eagerly awaited title for release was the incredible looking 10th Dan, with various diaries appearing in Commodore Format. What I will say is that I didn't intend to cut any corners on this and I had lots of ideas that would've gone in. My focus was to cover this aspect more so I intended to cram in as much detail as possible. It seemed that you were to enhance pretty much his entire backcatelogue at somepoint with an old Visualize advert listing them all. Was there anyone on the C64 or other machine who you particularly admired for their work and whom inspired you with your own work? With the gamebase not being large enough on new releases, this faded further as time progressed.


If it wasn't for the industry of the past, there wouldn't be one today. It was surprisingly easy! I needed original music for my games and there weren't any musicians around. Yes, the tool actually has plenty more to offer if there's anyone out there willing to enhance it. The enemy engine could be enhanced with intelligent or formed attack waves. Everything was going smoothly and I was all ready to go with the product, then unfortunately contact could not be reached with Jani. You are well renound on the C64 as being one of the guys who attempted to save the C64 game market in the mid 90's with Visualize Software. At least anything you can mention legally? Yes, basically by accident I suppose. How did you manage that? Although it wouldn't have made a massive difference, something that didn't help at the time was a certain Simon who, without my permission, decided to put the first Supportware pack on the final issue of Commodore Format's cover mount. Kenz is an all round cool chap! I eventually opted to do all aspects as finding reliable graphic artists and musicians towards the end of the C64's life was rather difficult. Personally, I don't think he's that crazy, it just seems that the camera unleashes the inner demon in him. Now that it has started to become business, do you feel that retro gaming is beginning to lose some of its original magic when the concept was kind of born? Please feel free to introduce yourself to anyone who might not have heard of you. What made you enhance SEUCK titles, and do you feel that the tool has anything more to offer nowadays? Music wise, obvious talents like Rob Hubbard, Ben Daglish and Martin Galway definitely inspired some of the music I attempted with their many great theme tunes and styles. Personally, I think looking back it was indeed a shared dream. The graphics were being constructed in a brand new map editor I'd created which was from the screen shown. Those guys achieved so much and really set some standards during that time. Was there anyone on the C64 or other machine who you particularly admired for their work and whom inspired you with your own work? Although at present, I'm working freelance back on GBA again for a developer on various licensed titles and looking to progress onto DS later this year. I intended to come back to City Bomber later. Which titles possibly not discussed earlier would you say stand out from the crowd?


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Penguin Towers was another title highly anticipated for imported release after an awesome cover-mount demo on Commodore Format. I also had to modify the scrolling pointers for all the sprites so they moved sideways when static.

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