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Ability to practice flexibility and work collaboratively as a team. Retail or customer service experience is an asset. Basic handi-man and furniture repair skills are an asset. Satisfactory criminal record clearance. Wear steel-toed boots and work gloves while on the job.

Langley seniors

Assist customers on the sales floor, as needed. Treating donors and customers with respect. Assist in the cleaning and repair of furniture, as needed. Ability to contribute to the development of a positive culture based on Christian beliefs and values. Ability to reflect and express Anabaptist beliefs and the value of service. Satisfactory criminal record clearance. Comfortable working outdoors in various weather conditions. Ability to practice flexibility and work collaboratively as a team. Ability to communicate fluently in English. Receiving donations at the drop-off area, organizing them and transferring them to the appropriate location. This position is available on a full-time salaried arrangement 40 hours per week requiring full availability Monday — Saturday. Self-motivated, able to work independently and willing to take initiative, while at the same time responding to the direction of the Shop Manager. Oversee the training and shifts of the volunteers in the receiving area, providing support where necessary. This position also involves working outside in various weather conditions for significant periods of, unloading and loading furniture. Commitment to wearing steel-toed boots and proper work gloves. Identify high value items that are received from donors and place them aside for further research. Take leadership in the recycling and disposal process of product that will not be sold. Using discretion on when to say no to receiving product. Assist with pre-sorting and processing of donated goods. The Surrey MCC Thrift Shop is actively engaged in receiving and selling used clothing, furniture, small appliances, housewares, books, toys, jewellery and collectibles with all proceeds designated to support the relief, development, social justice and peace work of Mennonite Central Committee. Ability to lift heavy objects up to 50 lbs. Assist customers with loading purchases checking for proper sales documentation. This particular assignment involves providing support to the shipping, receiving, and retail floor operations of the Shop and requires living out your faith by serving others and advancing the mission of MCC as one relates to volunteers, customers, staff and donors. Through networking, engaging the local community church to become actively involved in the work of MCC. Heart for social justice, peacemaking and global understanding. Basic handi-man and furniture repair skills are an asset.

Langley seniors

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Classic Rewind at Langley Seniors' Village June 2015

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Perform other duties, as required.

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