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Which is why I own one. Read any good books lately? Crankshaft is unique to this year. The Kawasaki is simple, like bacon and eggs, right down to the mechanical gauges. For a rejetted bike running dirt-oriented knobbies, it can be as low as mpg.

Klr 659

What do I do about the vibration? On a stock bike with street tires, 50 mpg is more typical, and some bikes have seen up to 65 mpg. Here's a look at some of the KLR aftermarket goodies that have worked well for me: How does it compare to the KLX? Many people have the misconception that the KLR or thumpers in general? It's carbureted, so anyone with a grasp of basic mechanics can probably get it rolling again-that is, as long as you bring better tools than the ones that come onboard. This is actually somewhat useful in the dirt, but can be bad news on the street. It may also be illegal to move the plate, or remove the aforementioned reflector. In fact, it's amazing how little some things have changed. I decided to put this piece on after getting smacked by some big branches that left scratches on the light surface. A quick cure is to back out the idle mixture screw a bit, and shim the stock needle up 0. Route the original line the way it was, and route a second line up under the seat or behind the fairing. Although, in they offered it in two color schemes for the first time I swapped them out for the wide and aggressive Moose Hybrid off-road pegs and never looked back. The required parts are: The Kawasaki KLR has been around forever and it is still one of the best bang-for-the-buck adventure bikes you can buy. So, I finally got one about six months into owning it. It is also possible to bypass both at once by bypassing the starter safety relay: I pulled over and stopped as I came apon two young lady hikers. And in this situation, it's a sweetheart. It has two raised pads that are made from suede that covers some very firm, but supple foam. If the rear suspension is bottomed out the tire can grab the bottom edge of the license plate. What happens is that the inside dimension between the frame bosses and engine cases is too large; this results in the engine bolts reaching their normal torque spec before the engine case is clamped properly. First, the side stand switch can corrode and sieze up or get bad contacts. We've been tooling around on a KLR and GGS for three days so far, and our opinion-much like the reeking sludge on our boots-has had time to coagulate. The KLR has slightly better pull and gearing for aggressive riding, and this particular unit didn't gulp oil the way our previous testbikes have, making us hopeful Kawasaki addressed the ring-seating issue in the '09 models.

Klr 659

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I decided to put this piece on after getting smacked by some big branches that left scratches on the light surface.

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