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The Third Anglo-Dutch War was a direct consequence of this treaty. It lasted until in its two main phases: The child seems to be in excellent health". Finally, he was banished to Rome. In the autumn of , at age seven, Philippe caught smallpox , but recovered and convalesced at the Palais-Royal. On the field, Philippe took an active part in the trenches at Tournai and Douay and distinguished himself through his valour and coolness under fire.

King louis the 14th brother

The vast majority of the court was seriously affected by Monsieur's death. Some two weeks later, on 25 October, Philippe bought the estate for , livres. Philippe was a patron of musicians such as Anglebert , Dumont , Arlaud , and Marie Aubry , many of whom would stay part of his son's household after his death in Hearing that Henrietta was ill due to a miscarriage, he returned to Saint Cloud, where she was recovering from an ordeal which almost cost her her life. By right of her marriage, Marguerite became known as Madame at court. In and he took part in sieges in Flanders, and was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant general , which made him second-in-command to Louis XIV himself. He had been concerned with the hierarchy, preference and distinction and had tried to have it observed by giving the example. At the time of Philippe's death in , the estate of Saint Cloud covered some1, acres 4. On the field, Philippe took an active part in the trenches at Tournai and Douay and distinguished himself through his valour and coolness under fire. In , Philippe's granddaughter Maria Adelaide came to the French court from Italy for her marriage to Louis, Duke of Burgundy , who was third in line to the throne. Alexandre Louis died, however, in Elizabeth Charlotte acted as a mother to Philippe's children by Henrietta and maintained correspondence with them until their last days. With so many defects and devoid of any virtue, he had an abominable taste in choosing his favorites, and the gifts and the fortunes he bestowed upon them caused public scandal. Aside from his appanage, he was given no meaningful financial freedom from the Crown. He had brought amusement, spirit and pleasantry to the court, and when he was gone it seemed to be lifeless and still. Louis himself asked her if she wanted to fill "the vacant place", [66] but she politely declined the offer. He was quarrelsome, incapable of keeping any secret, suspicious and mistrustful. From birth, Philippe was second in line to the throne of France and was entitled to the style of Royal Highness. Philippe, who learned of his plans, arranged to meet William's forces at Penebeek between Noordpeene and Zuytpeene. For fear of infection, Philippe could not see his brother. Search for a second bride[ edit ] Henrietta was mourned greatly at the court of France, but little by her husband, due to their strained relationship. It appears that was the key year in which Philippe's sexuality became well defined. Excepting when he was with the army, he would never get on horseback. In later life, Philippe was thus able to maintain his lavish lifestyle easily, and he found much satisfaction in the activities of his children and grandchildren. During the crisis, Queen Anne became closer to her younger son, showing him more affection. Philippe's small art collection created the basis for the Orleans Collection , one of the most important art collections ever assembled.

King louis the 14th brother

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Meet Louis XIV, his mom, his brother, and his first minister

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Alexandre Louis died, however, in

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