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Who runs NZ Parkour? Consider also the long-term impact of your training to be and to last and general health habits. Should I start learning parkour inside first? What does the word 'parkour' mean? Choose training locations that are safe and appropriate to use. What do I do in bad weather? Eat and stay hydrated during traing. Consider the context of your desired training location as some areas may only be suitable during daylight hours, or only suitable outside of work hours.


Who runs NZ Parkour? Is this type of training sustainable? What does NZ Parkour do? The following questions may be helpful: Prepare your body and mind through adequate warm-ups, physical conditioning, and progressive skill training. The connection between the human body and outdoor environments, i. Also check the surfaces to see if your hands, shoes, or feet have enough grip. Should I start learning parkour inside first? Will I get in trouble for doing it? Physical and Mental Ability Parkour is, of course, a dynamic physical activity and thus injuries are possible. Parkour is actually all about safety not danger and is an excellent tool for teaching sound risk assessment. Lastly, many people do not have regular interactions with the parkour community, so your actions will often inform their opinions of parkour. You will need to contact them directly for information. How much does it cost to do parkour? Do not block pedestrian, cycle, or wheelchair access ways. Learning skills indoors and taking them outdoors does not always adequately prepare a practitioner for the demands of the real world and can be dangerous. Head over to the coaching department for details. At the same time, parkour thrives in a community context, so train with other people to get fresh ideas and encouragement. Some of the most popular training locations are areas that provide a lot of variety — heights, distances, terrain, textures, materials, etc. Most Common Questions What is freerunning? You should consider your general presence, activities, and your noise. Prior to any training, test the obstacles to ensure they are robust and can withstand the type of movements you intend. Eat and stay hydrated during traing. Parkour is not about stunts, and there is no expectation that new practitioners should copy what they see others doing. Try not to get stuck in either camp.


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