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It became a game of silently trying to prove who was better, and we ended up hurting each other over our pride. They will have a greater tendency to overlook your flaws and highlight your virtues. Accept responsibility for your hurtful actions or words. Apologizing gives hope for rebuilding. Be specific about exactly what you did to hurt, humiliate, or embarrass your partner. An apology was the basic reaction to any mistake. You may stubbornly hold onto the belief that you have nothing to apologize for — especially is your hurtful behavior or words were not intentional. Uncategorized Apologies and forgiveness are pivotal aspects of intimate relationships. Choose the path of humility.

Importance of apologizing in marriage

But if you move forward without first analyzing and understanding your actions and the hurt they caused, then you are likely to repeat your mistakes in the future. The offended party, who receives the apology, develops empathy towards the offender, which then transforms their feeling of hurt into forgiveness. Jake feels resentment and anger towards his wife Erin since he found out that she spent some their savings on a down payment for a vacation with her sister. According to experts , the capacity to seek and grant forgiveness is one of the most significant factors contributing to marital satisfaction and a lifetime of love. Without this, any apology will feel insincere to your partner. Remember, it is not up to your partner to read your mind. Apologizing and practicing forgiveness are about giving yourself and your partner, the kind of future you and they deserve — unhampered by hurt and recycled anger. The difference, however, lies acknowledging that we have done something wrong. When you apologize, you admit that you may be wrong, which is a threat to our ego and our pride. This does not mean you condone his or her hurtful actions. Apologizing in fact opens the lines of communication, and stimulates empathy and understanding on both sides. In The Science of Trust , Dr. The underlying reasons for this are varied, but the most common are: So, always speak from the heart and make the apology sincere. Choose the timing carefully. Apologizing gives hope for rebuilding. An apology cannot change what has been done, but it can help to ease the tension and relieve stress. Apologizing to your partner when appropriate will validate their feelings, promote forgiveness, and allow you both to move on from mistakes. This is where humility comes in. Your apology will more likely be heard and accepted if you use these words. Explain to your partner how you plan to repair the situation if this is possible. Efforts to apologize signify a desire to put your partner and your relationship ahead of yourself. It is an act of generosity, and an expression of hope for a recrudescent relationship. Be specific about your actions and words that need to be forgiven. However, apologizing can also be seen as a strength because it shows you are able to show goodwill toward your partner and it promotes forgiveness.

Importance of apologizing in marriage

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How to Apologize to Your Husband

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This is where humility comes in. It is about being willing to acknowledge that you are capable of making mistakes, of being wounded, and can also risk being vulnerable.

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