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Sever the Relationship… Period The next step to end an emotional affair is a complete severance of the extramarital relationship. The solution then is viewing inappropriate relationships in such a way that makes it okay with us. If your wife has been willing and able to fulfill each of these steps, then the next two will be easy. Now there are sections of this sphere that belong to someone else, that are off limits to them and have become private. Independent counseling may also be helpful.

How to break off an emotional affair

In the stories I have heard from those who feel thus betrayed, the worst aspect of making this kind of discovery is trying to talk about it with the partner. At the same time, you husbands reading this must be open to forgiveness. Many who have found themselves in an emotional affair have told me they didn't seek it out, but rather that "it just happened. It turns out that feeling understood on the level of the soul is far more sexy than sex itself. By writing this list I am also not saying anything about the emotional affair is okay or justifiable. When this happens, letting go of the other person is difficult because they no longer see any future vision with their mate appealing or even possible. In an emotional affair, it makes no difference whether the "friend" lives across the country or across the street, whether the discussions are taking place on email or in person. If the other person has experienced loss as a result of the emotional affair, such as the loss of a job or the loss of a marriage, the unfaithful spouse may feel a responsibility for the damage done and be conflicted about letting go of the relationship. Since there are no longstanding relationships without compromises and disappointments, this kind of discussion can evolve naturally enough. Physically Get Away Sometimes, your wife may need to physically get away from the other man to permanently end her emotional affair. Not just merely alive, but feel as though their life has meaning again, and that their mundane existence has been transformed by this new-found love and understanding. This can be especially true for those individuals who easily take responsibility for what goes wrong in life. Whatever happens, the important thing is that she cuts him out of her life completely. The term "crazy-making" is helpful in this regard. Instead, as with any marriage problem, you bring it out into the open and address it for what it really is — a natural and expected part of any long-term relationship. Any expression of hurt or jealously is taken as a challenge to the partner's right to have friends outside the marriage, to have personal freedom. The Internet is making it possible for many to find long-lost loves, relationships discarded in the past that nevertheless hold elements of remembered magic. You need to be able to… Access her email account Read through her text messages Listen in on phone conversations Monitor her whereabouts throughout the day In situations where your wife has lied to you before, you may even require cell phone tracking to monitor her calls, text messages, and whereabouts. Far too many couples mistakenly rely on it as the default medicine for all marriage problems. Another is looking forward to the specialness of contact with this other person more than the daily-ness of being with your partner. Here are three examples that you should feel free to use: New Hope and Vision for the Marriage We as human beings are poor predictors of what will make us happy in the future. No one wants to be seen as an infidel, nor do most people just set out to cheat. Now there are sections of this sphere that belong to someone else, that are off limits to them and have become private. We do this by determining in our mind what constitutes infidelity or an affair.

How to break off an emotional affair

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Furthermore, an emotional affair creates distance in your relationship, making a happy marriage impossible. However, she must tell you if this happens, and she must forcefully shut him down, or ignore him if possible.

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