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His early passion for jumping led him to Hawaii where he worked long and hard for Skydive Hawaii. It's a great location. The staff likes Nebraska. This was the part I feared most. Need a gift for that hard- to-buy-for person? However, Tillery said operations in Blair would only include tandem jumps with a professional skydiver on weekends, approximately June through October. They're in and out lots of different times.

Holdrege skydiving

You will be securely harnessed to one of our trained instructors who will handle all of the maneuvering during freefall and all of the steering once under canopy. Do you have what it takes to face your fears and jump? Holdrege Skydiving is a website that advertises for skydiving centers who are affiliates of RushCube. Nebraska Skydiving has networked locations in Holdrege and many other locations around the state. I think doing it on a regular basis is a little disconcerting and I'm concerned of the inter-mix of the traffic. Tillery's business at Brewster Field is a 7-day-a-week operation, which includes a student program. Holdrege by way of Hawaii Interviewing owner Sean Tillery was a walk and talk affair. It's really not that hard to stay out of the way. Accelerated Freefall Training Skydiving Video Packages Skydiving Gift Certificates For information about these services or anything else skydiving related, give our Holdrege, Nebraska skydiving representatives a call at now. However, he said he would prefer seeing a landing site off of the airport, preferably to the northwest. The would-be parachuter must complete a minute training class before making a tandem jump with a professional. He expects there to be 20 to 30 jumps a day. The idea of jumping out of an airplane terrifies me. Freefalling from 10, feet is relaxing? The pair circled lazily above me before beginning their descent. The guy is busy! However, Tillery said skydivers are only in the air for about five minutes. Congestion on the ground at the airport is also an issue, Chairman Geary Combs said. One staff member told me that people often have visions of parachute jumps from old movies. Local skydiving affiliates are conveniently located near Holdrege, Nebraska but not within city limits. So at the end of all this, did I add skydiving to my bucket list? Every skydiving instructor at our Holdrege skydiving center is certified, friendly and professional. However, as I waited for the owner of the school to arrive, I was mesmerized by the sight of a tandem parachute novice attached to an expert floating in the sky. Skydivers jump from an altitude between 8, and 10, feet, while some planes headed to Eppley are traveling at 3, feet. It was a gorgeous day, not a cloud in sight. This was the part I feared most.

Holdrege skydiving

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Nebraska Skydiving School

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