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Finances were a problem too. To sell the household products, Edwin set up a nationwide system of representatives who sold door-to-door from sample cases, using the same procedures as salesmen for Watkins, Jewel Tea and other companies. And we hardly slept the rest of the summer …. The Depression had started. By the end of the decade, the family traded the farm for a general store in the village of Hendley, and on January 1, , they moved there so the children would be closer to schools. The mother raised poultry, made butter and cheese, and every Saturday would load the children and the produce into the buggy, harness up old Nellie, and drive ten miles to Beaver City to make her rounds selling butter and eggs to cash customers. When veterans returned home from World War I, many with the cigarette habit picked up in the army, the tobacco remedy business prospered. By August, , the rest of the family, including Momma and Papa Perkins, also moved from Hendley, buying houses first at West 4th Street, then North Colorado. To achieve these sales, Kool-Aid had been advertised widely, starting as early as on a minute network radio show.

Good samaritan village nebraska

He worked with a small firm which contracted to make bulk orders of lotions, creams, medicines, etc. Left behind too were the home remedies and cosmetics, as with the decision to move also came the decision to concentrate only on manufacturing Kool-Aid and other food products. Family lore includes two versions of the story behind the name change. Although banks all over the country were closing their doors and men were losing their jobs, the demand for Kool-Aid escalated. The crystals were packaged in one-ounce envelopes, forty envelopes of six assorted flavors in one colorful lithographed counter display carton which showed the range of flavors. She had been on the job about four months when he came into the room carrying small glasses of a cherry-flavored drink, which he asked the employees — including his sisters Beatrice and Alberta — to taste. Madison, Iowa, to get some formulas and labels with his name printed on them. Before long Perkins Products was manufacturing and selling more than a hundred and twenty-five different items, ranging from face creams and lotions, medicines and salves, soaps and toilet waters to food flavorings, jelly making products and fruit drink concentrates. To sell the household products, Edwin set up a nationwide system of representatives who sold door-to-door from sample cases, using the same procedures as salesmen for Watkins, Jewel Tea and other companies. It seems clear from the records and recollections of those involved that the small town of Hendley, Nebraska, had a major influence on the growth of Edwin Perkins from a small boy into an enterprising young man. Strawberry was added later. From Hastings to the big wide world beyond, the market spread. They had kept their membership in the First Christian Church in Hastings, where both of them had been active. From that day onward, Kool-Aid became a summertime staple in most households with youngsters, the brightly-colored envelopes a standard item in summer time grocery sacks. But since sales of these related items never amounted to more than a few hundred thousand dollars a year and wartime rationing in the s limited sugar-based manufacturing, they too were dropped from the Perkins Products line. Kitty lived another sixteen years, dying on March 27, in Chicago. The combined effort was guaranteed to cure anyone, and for those who stuck to the program, it probably did. By selling now, to a company he knew and was proud of, he could assure his workers that their jobs would continue and the product would remain the same. By the volume of business was so large that the quarters on West First Street were jammed beyond capacity. But although the Perkins family lived on the farm for seven years, its members were able to survive without charity. Although in the price of Kool-Aid had been cut in half, to five cents a package, sales continued to increase. For Edwin Perkins was a new bridegroom, having married Kathryn M. Edwin Perkins died in in Rochester, Minnesota, following a long illness. Edwin also took along the printing press and eight rail cars of Perkins Products equipment and supplies. When it was time for the children to go to school, they walked three miles across the prairie to a one-room schoolhouse.

Good samaritan village nebraska

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The father labored long hours in the fields, tending the crops, the garden, caring for the milk cows and building up a herd of pedigreed Poland China hogs. Packaging took longer to perfect than expected, and the company missed the summer season.

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