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Do you like when I make the first move? What is your take on public display of affections? What's one public place where you would want to do it? Have you ever cheated or been cheated on? Our personal fantasies can be an odd thing to talk about so please be respectful to who you are asking. Do you ever fantasize about me? What do you find most attractive in a girl?

Good dirty questions to ask a guy in 20 questions

What color of lingerie and panties turns you on the most? Have you ever been attracted to someone of the same sex? If so when and by whom? Do you get intimidated when girls take the first steps towards sex? Ever had sex in a car? Where is the most public place that you've touched yourself? Talk Dirty to Me Not only does asking him these questions get him going, but his responses might make you feel all hot and bothered, too! If you were asked to choose one sex style for life, what would you choose: What was your first "adult" experience? What are you best at in bed? What's one thing you want me to do to you that I haven't done? What kind of porn turns you on? Do you like to sleep naked or in your underwear? What's your favorite thing to do to me? Did you get caught? What do you think about dirty talk over the phone or Facetime? You can never go wrong using a question that compliments his good looks. If you are a magician, what part of my clothes that you would like to disappear? Feel free to ask this anytime, especially when you are all dressed up for a special event or for that first date. Have you ever been in a situation where someone you were not in a relationship with walked in on you while you were naked, and what was your immediate reaction? How many girlfriends have you had? What attempts did you make to woo me? Have you ever gone a whole day without wearing underwear? Do you like talking naughty? Was I in it? What defines a sexy woman according to you? Can I watch you pleasure yourself?

Good dirty questions to ask a guy in 20 questions

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30 Best Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend

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