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You may not find the best urologist, but you've got to find a willing one eventually. I do NOT know if a doctor would have been reluctant to do it had he known at the time that my husband was a diabetic, so I don't know if that could cause an issue were you to play the "reluctant to pass down genetic diseases" card. How long will it take to recover? I make it a habit to stay away from kids just because of this. Behind me, the doors swing closed on a middle-aged man lying on a bed, wheezing into an oxygen mask. The reason lies with the method of surgery: Unfortunately, my attempts to get a vasectomy done in the US have all failed. I doubt being single is of any benefit to a doctor considering your case; if anything, it would be an easier case if you were married to someone who also did not want or could not have children.

Getting a vasectomy in your 20s

How would you feel, after nurturing and guiding him for over two decades, if he did something to profoundly influence his future, but did not have the respect or courtesy to just tell you about it beforehand? A nurse calls me through into a small room and flicks through my notes. They gave him no trouble at all. Since adopting this policy in June , we have already encountered one man age 44 with no sperm in his semen. Using my crappy draw in the gene pool lottery been the one thing that has consistently shut down any arguments about sterilization and not having kids and so on. Folks, the question is not "should I have a vasectomy". Seems like something inside dies so he don't even want to get up again. This might be a really strange solution, but Planned Parenthood may be able to refer you to someone. I came from a good family and I had a happy childhood, but I simply have no desire to procreate, and I see it as a hindrance to my goals. It's pretty expensive, not guaranteed to survive and not guaranteed to get a woman pregnant either, but it might be enough to convince a reluctant doctor. The decision about whether to have a vasectomy is littered with "What ifs? But keep in mind that if she gets pregnant, the choice is hers. Maybe freeze some in case you change your mind. I am 23 years old and a recent college graduate who is just getting started out in the real world. Young men should consider Sperm Storage. What if we change our minds? You should also add hot sauce in the condom after you finished just in case. You never know if your kid will falsely accuse you of rape or abuse. Also, there are a number of birth control and reproductive communities on LiveJournal where people pass around that kind of information-- docs willing to implant IUDs in women without children and the like. I will be eternally grateful if someone can assist me! He was delighted that he did not need a vasectomy, but wondered how much money he had wasted on condoms all those years! Are you really sure? I sure wouldn't care and would insist you use a condom. It is evident from the speed at which the surgeon is going that he has tied more knots in his time than a boy scout. If not, consider this:

Getting a vasectomy in your 20s

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Circumcision As An Adult - What You NEED To Know

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F has never wanted children, is the third generation of Type 2 diabetic men in his family, and finally got the snip almost two years ago from the friendly local urologist-- who didn't care that we weren't married at the time, and didn't care that Mr.

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