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The Chattahoochee Bay is a mile short line serving Dothan and points east. This large short line operates around miles of trackage running from Albany, Georgia to Foley, Florida. It was long part of New Haven's Berkshire Division since first leased in but "regained" its independence more than 90 years later when Conrail sold sections of the original to a new Housatonic Railroad in Originally incorporated on April 4, this is another privately owned short line of the Ameren Corporation. Its traffic consists of wheat, lentils, and barley while moving about 4, carloads annually. The chat line promotes night-time fun, but you can call in the daytime too if you prefer more of a morning masquerade.

Georgia chat lines

Until the road ran as far as Roadamite 23 miles in all but was cutback to Guadalupe at that time. In all, MRL owns more than miles and moves more than , carloads annually. This historic road traces its history back to in Northern California. This small short line dates back to and for many years was owned by the Potlatch Corporation. The Sierra Northern was formed in through the merger of Yolo Shortline and Sierra Railroad, the latter of which was a classic short line dating back to and for many years hauled forest products. Its traffic consists of agriculture, chemicals, and plastics. The road is well-known for using a fleet of classic Alco road-switchers. Today, the system operates about miles of track with traffic consisting of lumber and related products, grain and related products, gypsum, wallboard, canned goods, plastics, chemicals, steel, ethanol and propane. Traffic today includes copper, chemicals, agricultural, and forest products. Army's Kings Bay ammunition storage facility. This historic road traces its roots back to an interurban, chartered in This historic road has long shipped soda ash since it was originally incorporated on March 12, It has been in service since operating miles between Mahrt, Alabama and Vidalia, Georgia on trackage once owned by the Seaboard Air Line. Its primary traffic includes switching a , square-foot warehouse as well as a breakfast cereal company and cement company. Today it operates just 4. The system currently operates three disconnected lines running from Perry to Roberta 30 miles , Swainsboro to Midville 16 miles , and Meter to Dover 28 miles. The route's history traces back to the Frisco, when it was sold in by Burlington Northern. It sold the line in to local governments. Boy, were we pleased! Redmont Railway reporting mark, RRC: The Washington Idaho Railway is a privately-owned short line that serves the area south of Spokane, Washington and stretches as far east as Harvard, Idaho with another short segment extending to Moscow. It first began service in it currently operates about 79 miles from Danville, Arkansas to Little Rock. The historic Housatonic Railroad has been around since its chartering in These 68 miles are still operated under Patriot Rail today, which acquired the property in Some of its current traffic includes agriculture, asphalt, cement, chemicals, food processing, lumber, and steel. In the South Shore was able to completely drop passenger service, handed over to the Northern Indiana Commuter Transportation District.

Georgia chat lines

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Valdosta Railway reporting mark, VR: Today, it operates only the line to Lodi is in service moving food, steel, lumber, and other general freight while the entire corridor to Sacramento remains in place for possible future use.

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