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They later reconcile but fight soon after Teddy gets drunk and lies to Silver about it, who has bad memories of drinking due to her mothers alcoholism. He tells Silver that his father never returned his call, nor the several after that. But he loses his wallet and is forced to ask Ian for help. Teddy goes down to apologize and meets a guy named Marco , who is a soccer player at Malibu Country Day. It is later revealed that Teddy had hooked up with another male student from his school named Ian, who says not to worry and that he will not tell anyone they hooked up. While on the roof, part of the edge breaks off, which causes Ian to almost fall off only to be saved by Teddy. While cleaning the gutters, Ian tells Teddy it'll be easier if they work from the roof.

Gay 90210

On the night of the benefit he attempts to apologize to Silver who in return tells him that it is over between them, after she leaves he runs into Ian and gets angry and tells Ian to stay away from him. Is there an immediate attraction? Does Teddy have an epiphany? Marco however gives him his phone number and tells him to call. Teddy isn't ready to come out yet, and Ian at first can't accept that. Teddy wants to continue seeing Ian but Ian doesn't want their relationship to be a secret. Teddy storms off saying "There's nothing to talk about. Teddy first encounters him when he accidentally hits him with a tennis ball served off the roof of the school with Silver. Dixon confronts Teddy on what he saw. Naomi is then attracted by Teddy's antics and approaches him in a seductive way as Silver walks in on them. Season 3[ edit ] Trevor Donovan became a regular in season 3, and Teddy's storyline became a larger focus of the series. This only agitates Teddy who later on calls Ian a faggot, during a rehearsal for Silvers breast Teddy calls Ian a fag " The Bachelors " cancer benefit, which alarms Silver and causes her to storm off upset with him. She's understandably miffed and leaves the tournament. Where he would have a brand new storyline that would involve Teddy coming out as gay. While attending CU, Teddy bumps into the same man from Barcelona, whose name is later revealed to be Shane. Adrianna ends up leaving her boyfriend, Navid , to be with Teddy. He's battling with himself," Donovan says. However, his aunt and uncle are revealed to be more accepting of Teddy than his father. In line for the bathroom, Adrianna and Teddy share a kiss. Teddy then breaks up with Ian and tells him to never speak to him again, saying he isn't the person he thought he was. After a night of drinking, Silver manages to convince Teddy to marry Shane. Navid is devastated; he was ready to marry Adrianna. Silver then kisses Teddy, but Teddy tells Silver there is someone else. To getting back on the burro — "The Enchanted Donkey" 3. Teddy mad at Silver " What's Past Is Prologue " A few episodes later Teddy's sister walks up to Silver and Dixon having lunch and tells Silver how she thinks it's too bad that she didn't give Teddy a chance. She reveals that she really likes him, but isn't sure if she can trust him. Silver later tells Teddy she really likes him, but doesn't know if she can trust him.

Gay 90210

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Teddy's story Part 4

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