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If you had to do one for a week, would you rather paint your nails hot pink or wear eyeliner? Would you rather have a beautiful house and ugly car or an ugly house and beautiful car? What crazy name would you give your kid if you were a celebrity? You or your friend? Do you have tattoos? Do you believe in the paranormal and would you go ghost hunting? Do you think your friend's boyfriend is hot? Ideas for Icebreakers Ask everyone in the group to share a joke. Would you rather lose your sex organs forever or gain pounds?

Funny random questions to ask friends

Have you ever tried drugs? Describe what makes someone husband or wife material. Lots of establishments have pictures of employees on their walls. Do you pick your nose? Whatever the topic may be, these questions will make even the boldest person at your next slumber party feel awkward and uncomfortable! Have you ever been thrown out or banned from a public place? What if you best friend told you that she liked your crush? One of the best ways to shock you and your partner into paying attention is having some questions for couples on hand. Would you leave your hometown forever or stay in your hometown forever? Have you ever told a secret you were told to keep? Would you have voted for or against Trump? How come you never read about a psychic winning the lottery? Have you ever thought about cheating on your partner? Do you sleep in the nude? Use this question to start a conversation about what you both like about being together. Have you ever been late to class? Have you ever kept a library book? Would you go to a nude beach? Would you rather find true love or 10 million dollars? Who here do you think would be the best kisser? Have you ever asked someone out? If you could make out with someone else's girl, who would it be? What secret conspiracy would you like to start? Who has the best dance moves? Would you rather be skinny and hairy or fat and smooth?

Funny random questions to ask friends

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Would you rather lose your sex organs forever or gain pounds? Funniest Would You Rather Questions Would you rather go about your normal day naked or fall asleep for a year?

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